Monday, 10 December 2012

Nativity Play Nightmares Part 2: The Warm Up

Back in October, I wrote about the upcoming horror I was facing with the onslaught of Christmas and the inevitable school Nativity Play

Well, its now December, and Mini has her part. 

They aren't going for traditional Nativity play high jinks at her school (not surprising as its mixed race), they are putting on a production called "Sparkle" it's the nativity as seen by a star in the sky. OK then.

The usual suspects are all in there, with Mary, the Shepherds and the angels. But there are a lot of stars and every child has a part. Which is all nice as they all get to do something and everyone can say "ahhh" over a bunch of 5 year olds on a very small stage.

Mini has been cast as "Second Star". She is less than impressed at this, as she has 4 lines, an unremarkable costume of a black top with stars stitched on the inside (her exact words regarding her school made costume were "epically crap Mummy" when I asked) and, horror of horrors, her arch rival is an angel instead of her. 

For the first week of her having her role, she was full of ideas about clobbering the hated angel girl and nicking her part. I had to point out it was a school nativity in Maidenhead, and not The Scottish play at the RSC. Luckily, after telling her that being a star is fitting, and she gets to jump about and dance, she's mildly happier. Only mildly though.

This weekend saw the school Christmas Bazaar and Mini was picked to be part of the choir to entertain visitors coming to buy home made cakes, second toys, and whatever else the PTA had managed to rustle up (they were sponsored by Nike. Nike! You'd have been lucky to be sponsored by the local Butcher in my day). 

She didn't have to wear uniform, so we had a scope through her stuffed wardrobe for something smart but warm. God bless Next for practical pretty (and Auntie C for supplying it!)

Off we went, and she did pretty well- their stage is tiny, and one girl fell off (not pushed by Mini I hasten to add) but they all did pretty well, and she enjoyed it.

It has given me some mild relief that tomorrow morning and Wednesday evening will not see her try and upstage everyone, but I do still look at my less than angelic child and wonder what may be plotting in that mind of hers. She did mention that she has decided to memorise everyone's parts (trust me, she's capable) so, should anyone dry up or cry, or be ill or be accidently clobbered by her, she is there to step in and save the play!

Now I know how Chris Maloney's Nan feels. There is such a thing as being over confident, and its definitely resident in my child.

I shall have to bring a big scarf to hide behind, just in case!

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