Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Style on the High Street*

High street fashion has always been something I've had a passion for, no matter what my age. As a teenager it involved keeping an eye on the latest trends but now that I’m older it revolves mainly on keeping my wardrobe ticking over without sacrificing my wallet.

Thankfully there are plenty of high street retailers willing to lend a hand. I myself am a Hobbs lover, a particular favourite of my Hobbs purchases is a pair of brown riding style leather boots. I have had these for quite some time but the quality of the boots has ensured they are still serving me well to this day, and they are classic enough in design that they are yet to fade from fashion (not to mention they look far better than fashion boots as they haven't had the tell-tale gaping so many of their counterparts suffer).

Hobbs caters for all tastes, whether you require a smart look for work, an outfit for a wedding, or just a day to day outfit. The website is a joy of simplicity, with different articles of clothing, accessories and shoes all in separate departments.

I'm a particular fan of the wide range of leather handbags available, from pretty clutches to carry everything totes, as well as on trend satchels, they are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and patterns.

The clothing wont disappoint, I love the Oria dress in striking blue as well as the beautiful detail in the tapestry panel of the NW3 Dress.

Price wise I feel these are pieces which last- if you want something which will fall apart after a few wears then Hobbs is not for you- if you prefer to spend slightly more and still have an outfit  accessories or shoes which you can wear for many seasons then you are missing out if you go anywhere bar Hobbs.

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