Friday, 13 November 2009

Maybe Old Kids TV is NOT Such a Great Idea-Funny Friday

Be warned, do not play this when your kids are about.

For a while, I have lamented how TV for children was much better when I was a child, and put this down to overload of TV programmes for kids meaning the quantity outstrips the quality.

Well, today, Mr D was sent the following video via his Facebook page. And now I'm not so sure.

Oh dear!

You don't see stuff like that on "Show Me, Show Me"!

And when you think about it, how did our parents not notice? Or were they laughing from behind the newspaper at the innocence of us children!

Well, thats it. I'm off to view some of my other old faves to see if they were all at it....

Now whilst I'm here, I want to say a big...

THANK YOU! all of you for getting my blog into the Top 100 Blogs Index.  

Its taken a while, but there it is at 98, along with some other new blogs (and some excellent old ones too). Congrats to everyone and thanks to Sally Whittle for putting it together, as well as The Great Toy Guide, her Who's The Mummy Blog and bringing up her lovely daughter Flea. I want what she's having!



  1. Is this for real???!

    This must be spoof... surely! How on earth could they have got away with this??!

    Brilliant. Fake or not - made me roar! xx

  2. I love that Rod, Jane and Freddy sketch, sadly I am old enough to remember their work and I think it's a spoof - very funny though.

    Congratulations on getting on the Top 100 list. xx

  3. I'm not sure, although part of me hopes it actually was broadcast. What makes me wonder is that it was Rod, Jane and Freddy when I was little, not Rod, Jane and Roger. I had a whole video of Rainbow when I was a kid where they had to save a character who was stuck in a colourless Cartoon strip! I can, sadly, still remember some of the songs they used to sing in it!

  4. I too am old enough to remember lunchtime Rainbow with my tomato soup and Instant Whip and it's a brilliant spoof - what you need to hunt out is the "Pingu gets pissed" episode which WAS broadcast and is thoroughly hilarious. He's a belligerent little sod when he's had a few that penguin.

  5. Oh dear God! Is that why I am completely deranged????

    I laughed my head off. I was a great follower of Rainbow.

    Answers a lot of questions if this is real. See, you can blame rainbow now!!!

    Love RMxx

  6. We love to moan about telly these days but there really was come cr*p on the TV when we were little. Well done on getting into the charts!

  7. Me again!

    Award for you at mine.


  8. Congratulations on the top 100 place

    Oh and an award for you over at mine (you'll have an overfull sidebar at this rate !)

  9. congratulations, I thought you were already on the list - look forward to meeting you the zoo with my daughter in two x

  10. Oh you too! I was going to ask who was going, Mini is so excited! She keeps saying going to Ludun soo a million times a day!


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