Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Definition of Sods Law

There was me, saying how wonderful and tidy Maidenhead is only yesterday on this very blog.

So, there had to be something or someone who would go and perform a great big Sods Law on the whole thing.

Last night I was sitting typing up a Preview for some Christmas bits for Family Panel. OK, well I was trying to but kept getting distracted by Pippa, Emma and Vic.

There was a knock on the door, which isn't unusual, as even though we have now lived here for six months, the landlords brother still gets people knocking looking for him (he's a counsellor apparently).

But it was the Landlord's brother- I think due to us (sorry Elder) redoing our grotty d├ęcor, and the people next door hearing about it, they are now having to strip the equally grotty wallpaper out of the house next door. So, they have been next door since last week.

He's quite a smiley guy, the Landlords brother- suppose that as a counsellor you kind of have to be upbeat, it wouldn't be good to see a counsellor and find out they were more miserable than you after all. He asked me if the thing on our driveway (shared with next door) was our.

Now, what was the thing? A box? A car? A cat?


It was this:


Random, springs to mind. The thing is, next door are pleading ignorance about it, and I did hear a car pull up, followed by something being dragged onto the driveway, but the curtains were shut so I didn't see who it was, and just assumed the landlord had hired a machine of some sort to do next door with.

So, if anyone has lost or misplaced their red canoe, do let me know.

A canoe after all is for life, not just for the river.


  1. So that's where I left my canoe!

    Very very odd. We've had the odd crisp packet or drinks can shovedc in our hedge. But never anything as interesting as a canoe

  2. A canoe?? That is so random! and with a oar? that's even more random!! I demand to know why my name isnt linked! *storms off in a huff* ;)

  3. LMFAO that is the most random thing in the whole world.

  4. I just toddled along to your blog from seathreepeeo's blog roll and I have to admit this is NOT what I was expecting to find. But then I'm sure that's just what you thought when you took a look at your driveway last night too!

    I do hope you'll have some good fun with it before it finds its eventual home in the great river in the sky.


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