Monday, 30 January 2012

#DoSomethingYummy What My Kids Mean to Me

I'm throwing my blogging ways behind CLIC Sargent's Yummy Mummy Week (which is on between the 10th and 18th March, and which you can find out more about at Typecast and at, by writing as per prompts on various subjects.

This weeks subject is "What Your Children Mean to You" so, here goes:

THE BRATLINGS: Why I Love Them, Tantrums and All

Anyone who has read my blog since it began in 2009 may be forgiven for thinking that my kids drive me insane, and that, at times, I sometimes wonder why I became a Mum in the first place.

The very fact I refer to them as "The Bratlings" only goes further to reinforce this.

However, even in times when I have heard nothing but moans, tantrums and, on really bad days have been bitten, slapped and told (in Mini's best diva voice) "I hate you Mummy", I wouldn't change it for the world.

Times can be tough, with Littlest and his ongoing illness, and worrying about his illness, and sometimes Mini all but drives me into a straight jacket. But for every tantrum, there is a smile. For every bite or moan, there is a cuddle and kiss. 

Littlest is cheeky. Very cheeky in fact. At 3 and a bit, he should be growing out of certain more simpler pleasures, like playing boo. But he's not. He has a temperament that can change like a light switch, however it doesn't take much to make him laugh. He is also just beginning to find that boys like cars (he knows every car badge going, from memory) and, of course, girls:

He has a niceness in him that I really hope never goes away.

Then there is Miss Mini herself, number one diva and resident Princess in the house. Kate Moss and the Olsen sisters have nothing on my daughters truly unique sense of style. Lover of lipstick, and of painting her own nails, not to mention artist extraordinaire of recent months. She has her Mother's competitive nature, and her father's persistence. If she finds she cannot do something her classmate can, she will sit and practice, for hours or sometimes days, never giving up until she can do it too.

So, what do my children mean to me? They are a reflection of my self, they are like miniature versions of all the good parts of Elder and I. They are beautiful, loving, everything to me. They are the true loves of my life.

My children, they are my life. And everything that surrounds and encompasses it.

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  1. Ah yes, even on the most tough days, there is love and cuddles. That makes it all very worthwhile.
    Great post and in aid of a very good cause

  2. That all sounded very familiar! I adore my children but there are always days when I need to go and sit in a darkened room! Brilliant post I enjoyed reading it!

  3. Love the nickname the Bratlings!! Fab post!

  4. it's their individuality that makes our children special, isn't it? and your two are so cute to boot! nice post. x

  5. Sounds familiar - at the end of tough days I try to focus on the nice bits. Not easy sometimes, but as you say, totally worth it :)

  6. The love shines out in this piece of writing, Claire :-)

    Thanks for writing this post for the #dosomethingyummy campaign and thanks for your support as one of the Head Mums.

  7. Thank so much for sharing Claire. I love the photos and the video made me laugh so much! Thanks for being a great head mum and supporter of #dosomethingyummy


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