Friday, 26 August 2011

Dear So and So: School, Ghost Towns and Doctors

Here are this weeks little notes of appreciation or otherwise. Enjoy!

Dear Doctor M

You Sir are a Legend. When Elder and I were ready to go off on one at the slightest hint of ignorance, you listened to all our concerns, answered our questions in detail, and went through books that were the size of Breeze Blocks. Finally, you agreed with us that Wexham has had its chance to help and has lacked the ability, and are now actioning a proper chest specialist hospital to investigate further. You even said you'll mark it as urgent. Thank you so much, you have started to restore my faith in the ability of Doctor's to help out and to listen.

Littlest's Mummy

Dear PCT Lady

Thank you for forwarding my frankly HUGE complaint to not one but two different departments, by passing the first 3 steps of the confusing complaints procedure in the process. When I wrote it out, it took me nearly 2 hours to get it all in, and then I read it through and thought of other mishaps and mistakes I'd forgotten. It must have taken a while to plough through, but clearly you did as you were as disgusted as me. Thanks for your help,

Ms C

Dear DLA Man

Since the decision came through, which quite rightly we know is based on wrong information, I have rung your 0845 number at least twice a week, with updates and names of other, better informed medical people to back up our appeal. At no point in the last month have I been asked 8 security questions. I am asked my son's name, his reference number and who I am. Asking me the kind of pointless questions you did, apparently which I must have been asked every time I have rung, got us nowhere (although it took 5 minutes so that's more money you can grab from me for the cost of a premium rate number). 
To then call me a liar twice when I said I'd never been asked any of the questions before, well, when I find out who you were, a complaint will be sent. Arsehole. 
All I wanted to do, which would have taken no time at all, was to check my letter, sent two weeks ago, had finally made its way through your ten day mail system. What happens to mail there that it takes ten days to get there? No wonder I'm told the average appeal takes 11 weeks. Also, when I want to inform you that, a child who you wrongly believe has nothing wrong with him, is so fine he has to see a specialist chest doctor, yes, I do feel that's important. Its also important that the same "healthy" and "normal" two year old collapsed unable to breathe on Saturday. Why you cannot just contact the useless Consultant who denies he meant to imply my son is now in full health, bypassing the need to stop Littlest's money and go through a pointless appeal is beyond me. In fact, if the Government wants to save money on Benefits, how about sort out the over complicated and over long wait time the admin causes?

You suck.
Ms C, Angry in Maidenhead

Dear Maidenhead Town Centre

I'm not sure why the town planners want to make the town centre bigger. To accommodate what? There are no shops in the centre. We have hair dressers, about 2 coffee shops per 100 residents. That is it. No kids clothes shops. No decent shops at all. How is it possible that a town that was booming, where rents remain high, has no shops? I literally had to get on a train and go to Slough. Which most Maidenhead residents poke fun of, as the chav fly in the ointment. You'd think it was a ghetto. However, Slough has not one but two Malls, heaving with shops, as well as a High Street, also heaving with shops.Maidenhead, sort it out!

Mummy, disgruntled at having to go three towns away for uniform.

Dear Mini

No, you cannot wear a Roary the Racing Car outfit to school. 

Love you, Mummy

Dear Name Tapes

You are a pain in the arse. Yes, I cannot sew so thought iron on name tapes were a better option. Burning my fingers was not what I had in mind.

Mum with sore fingers 

Dear Holidays

Seriously, bored of you now. Please hurry up and be over.
Turning greyer by the day Mum.

Dear Littlest

When I ask what do you want for your birthday (which is on Monday), please stop just saying cake. Its not helpful.

Love You 

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  1. RE the name tapes rivvets. i bought them to attach Will's labels. ingenious idea! :)

    RE the DLA, they are a nightmare to deal with, we have appealed TWICE for Will's money. he has Cerebral Palsy and cant walk. originally we were awarded nothing. 2nd time we were awarded low rate care. eventually we appealed again and got through to the right people, it got dealt with properly! we were awarded high rate until he was 6. :) chin up, someone helpful will answer the phone eventually :) xx


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