Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm an Intelligent Living Mum with Panasonic

On Thursday, I was let loose from the Bratlings to spend a fun day in Bracknell with well known brand Panasonic.

I've been to quite a few days out with brands, and they are great fun, but Panasonic left me feeling all warm and fuzzy and wanting to work in their funky offices.

We didn't just get the usual spiel about products followed by a goodie bag. We actually learned all about the brand, from their small beginnings in Japan with just one product to the modern day and their constant drive to find the best and most useful household goods. 

Did you know, Panasonic don't just make the obvious things we use, like washing machines and TVs? In Japan, Panasonic make the whole house, from the bricks to build it to the toilets they flush (or don't- anyone for a self flushing loo?) its all from them.

Their founder, Konosuke Matsushita, the son of a rice farmer who worked for the countries electric company, founded the his own company as a young man in 1917. Back then, electrical appliances were scarce, but to have heat and light came at a cost. With only one place to plug in one item, consumers had to decide to have light but no heat, or heat but no light. 

Clever soon to be Entrepreneur, Konosuke solved that problem by inventing the first primitive double adapter, which became very popular. From humble beginnings, Panasonic has a whole host of clever and innovative products which make everyday life simple around the world, and now they are so well known that they don't need clever advertising campaigns as sales are generated by word of mouth.

I love how the offices are very much built on a Japanese model, with witty slogans, and signs telling the small staff base to smile or hop skip and jump during the day. Everywhere throughout the building are boards promoting the business model which has remained unchanged since the start, to practice Fairness and Honesty.

It was also great fun to visit their in house museum, and view some amazing past products- I personally wanted to run away with lots of the old school stereo equipment! 

I absolutely loved the new models coming soon, and rather than having to read manuals, they now have The Ideas Kitchen website, which helps new and existing customers get to grips with recipes and how to advice in video form. 

As part of their new campaign to work with Bloggers like myself, I'll be bringing you reviews, first up will be a video log of The Brats and I trying out a Breadmaker for the first time, so watch out for that soon! 

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