Friday, 14 September 2012

Is It Just Me: Who Fails to See What the K-Middy Boob Gate Fuss is About?

I like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I have long thought she is a pretty girl (much prettier than her sister in fact, who cares about her bum when she has a face like a slapped arse?) who did what any girl worth their high heels and Brazilian blow dries would have done on finding out the number one most eligible bachelor was at her University. 

I have felt for her over the Diana comparisons, and over the constant speculation over when she will get pregnant. It can't be easy to go from Windsor to Kensington Palace with the world watching after all.

However, surely I cannot be the only one not that shocked that some French Scallywag with a massive lens had managed to photograph Kate without her bikini top on?

It's not like it's anything new after all, and I would imagine that prior to the Leveson inquiry, every sweaty of palm tabloid editor would have sold his Grandmother and dependent children to get his hands on these snaps. They did exactly the same with Diana, Fergie and every other celebrity, Royal or not, for decades, simply because it sells papers to us plebs.

I fail, like the French, to see what is so wrong with the snaps? They don't show Kate frolicking with some random guy, or sucking toes, or generally being naughty.

No, they show (and yes, I have seen them) a young couple, clearly in love and open enough to be half naked in each other's company. They don't show the awkwardness you came to expect from photographs of Charles and Diana, they are hugging, and swimming, and relaxing in each others company, I would imagine like most young newlyweds do.

If this was a random couple round a pool, no one would care. 
Not actual French Scallywag Paparazzo  ( Image: )

The thing that struck me most was how anyone could possibly think Kate may be concealing a baby in that washboard flat tummy of hers. She is positively without an ounce of fat, and frankly, if I was Kate, I'd be happy it happened now rather than when I'd had a few of those expected heirs and everything had gone saggy!

Yes, it's probably going to be said that this is morally wrong, an invasion of privacy. But this is a couple who have media teams at their disposal, who know that they are pursued by every Paparazzo going, and who know that, should the opportunity arise, they will be snapped. 

There is also the argument that the French find bosoms fair game. They don't have our prudish nature, and its quite the norm for shampoo to be sold with the model flashing her boobs in full view. They will probably laugh at our British reserve again. 

So, yes, its wrong to snap a couple of holiday, but its inevitable if that couple happens to be the most talked about Royal pairing for years. 

I'd just like to invite Kate to relax and eat a few pies! As one of Elder's (male) friend's remarked, the only thing he was angered by when he found the pics was Kate's lack of Boobies to ogle! 

What do you think?


  1. I can't help but feel saddened by the fact that some low life sold pictures he made. And that someone actually paid for this.
    Whenever a pervert with a camera is in the bushes outside your house you call the police and the guy gets arrested.
    Yet when it happens to the royal family is suddenly "okay"...
    It's never okay to make picture of people without their consent, no matter of they're naked or fully clothed. It also doesn't matter if they're famous or not.
    But since people keep on buying these magazines, this sort of thing will always be a part of famous people lives. I think it's sad, very sad...

    1. I imagine for Kate it's not nice, of course. However, despite it being wrong, and seedy, its also something they should be taught will happen, otherwise their media team needs sacking. I am very surprised that the UK press isn't running the pictures, as they have run other intrusive pictures before.
      I hope Kate takes it on the chin, and chalks it up to experience. In this day and age of ever improving technology, its bound to happen again no matter how many statements they release and who they sue, as the rewards for these kinds of images whether released here or not are obviously too high. They could have had it a lot worse!


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