Saturday, 8 June 2013

Is It Just Me: Who Thinks It's Time to Leave the Jackson Kids the Hell Alone?

I must start by saying I was a fan of Michael's music. I found his behavior a bit stranger with every year that went by, but you can't argue with how talented he was.

As anyone with less than normal parent's knows though, as a kid, you're not responsible for them or what they get up to, right?

Which is why I find it really sad, awful and shameful what has happened this week to Paris, Michael's middle child and only daughter.

The fact that a family who seem intent on rinsing every penny out of his estate, a media obsessed with feeding it's Jackson addiction via the children, and AEG raking up any reason they can find to discredit Michael and his family at the cost of his children's feelings has led to a 15 year old girl feeling like the only way out of the mess is to attempt suicide, well, the whole lot should be hanging their heads in shame.

The fact is, being 15 sucks, and I should imagine being under the media microscope at that age makes it doubly worse, if not triple. Not only do you have to contend with being seen as more responsible, becoming interested in boys, choosing a career, and the rest but she is hounded.

If it is the case that AEG and it's threats to expose that Michael wasn't really her Dad- something we'd all thought was the case since the children were born but which matters not a jot in the grand scheme of things- has pushed her over the edge, at a time when she is probably still grieving for her father, it's just inexcusable.

The fact is, whether or not Michael Jackson physically got someone pregnant the old fashioned way, or borrowed from a sperm donor friend is so unimportant.

What matters is that this young girl-who is utterly beautiful by the way, and if you ask me looks like a mixture of her Mum Debbie Rowe and her auntie Janet (look at the eyes and then look at Janet in the Scream video) saw Michael as her Dad. He nurtured her, they spent lots of time together for the large majority of her life. He was, sperm or no sperm, her Dad.

It may have been an unconventional lifestyle, granted, and her Dad may have had a warped view of what a childhood should entail- hardly surprising considering his own childhood- but clearly the girl loved him, and clearly she will miss him dreadfully for many years to come.

I understand that AEG will have the right to defend itself against claims made by the elder Jackson clan, but they did not have to use this, surely? Surely it would have been fine to say that Michael lied about his condition and that his family were aware of his personal struggles, rather than using something they knew would be a sensation?

Ultimately, of course they will argue that they did not foresee Paris' reaction, which was extreme. But they are partly responsible for the devastation it caused, whether others argue that she must have been semi aware of the suggestion before it hit the headlines?

When you strip this down, she is a child who is hurting. 

Let's just do what we never did to Michael, give the Jackson kids space to breathe, and only if they choose to seek the limelight should we peer nosily into their lives. 

What's your view? 


  1. Well said - deliberately didn't click on this story when it popped up in my yahoo news feed for this reason.

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