Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Is It Just Me: Who Wants to Give You All A Massive Thanks (Without Even the Tiniest Hint of a Rant!)

*Dons Oscar Dress, falls over Jen Lawrence style and grabs a tissue to do a Gwyneth*

It seems you lot are bloody epic and ace actually, and I want to say a Massive mammoth THANK YOU to all you guys who kindly voted for me in this years Brilliance in Blogging awards.

As a result of you all being Legends, I am shortlisted in the "Social" Category. Which now means next time Elder moans about me giving my opinions (wanted or otherwise) on Twitter, Facebook and the like, I can go all fingers in ears and Nah Nah Nah at him and point to the shortlist. See, its worth being a moany old rant fueled biatch sometimes! And Instagramming everything I eat, see and do.

Of course, I am over the moon and shocked to be in the Shortlist, but if you would like to see me in the Final, possibly slightly tipsy and laughing like a nutter, then I need you to do your thing again!

I am up against some fantastic fellow folk so I don't expect to win at all, just to be mentioned is lovely, and makes it all worthwhile, but if you would like to vote for me some more I will love you forever and ever and buy you a large G&T at Britmums Live.

You can vote here for me and for some amazingly great other people too, so feel free to go on over and see who else is through, the voting bit is a click through at the bottom. 

Well done to my fellow shortlisters, I am in some excellent company so Good luck, and thank you all loads :) 

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