Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Britmums Live: Wine, Women and What a Lot of Laughs

I want to start by just saying a massive, huge thanks to the wonder-women team that is Susanna, Jen and the rest of the Britmums Team. Wow ladies- I find it hard enough to keep up a blog and twitter feed, let alone sort out a 700 people plus brands and PRs mega conference.

For anyone who had any negatives last year- they smashed it this year. Its a sign of the respect they have for members and ticket buyers that they listened and brought us a conference which, and with knowledge stemming from every one that's gone before from being there I can say this, will be monumentally hard to beat by anyone else.

It was kind of a "yeah, we know there are newbie blog events out there, but we own this shit people", seriously, I know Susanna and Jen wouldn't put it that way as they are far too polite but you could smell in the air the happiness and accomplishment (or they may have been the wine. Possibly).

So, to the event.

If I met you there, it was fun, and I hope to see you here on the blog and at events (feel free to comment, but remember as the divine Ms Cherry Menlove, Mel and Rachel said, comments are not everything).

If I was hopeless and walked past you like a tit- sorry! I do it every year, and every time after, I have people saying "oh I missed you, I did see you but you didn't see me" and I feel terrible!

The conference timetable was pitched perfectly, there was stuff for newbies, there was stuff for intermediates even I, after 8 years of blogging actually learnt something- in fact, I learnt loads! When you've been around as long as I have, you kind of think you know everything. But social media changes rapidly and clearly, Britmums knows this as I am now full of ideas of how to ramp up my channels and make them better.

Kudos to Emma Freud from one of the funniest and most honest Keynote addresses I have ever heard. She was self depreciating, she admitted to not being a fan of the Daily Fail, and of being a bit naughty to snag her hubbie (who honoured us with his presence) and her long suffering friends to join in with Comic Relief daring endeavours. She was a riot and I would love to wake up to one of her speeches at least once a week as an affirmation that we womenfolk are bloody ace, even with crowns and dresses the Daily Fail don't like.

The mixture of emotionally charged speakers versus good old fashioned belly laughs were spot on. If you weren't there, you need to go Google "Good Enough Mums Club" right now. For anyone who has a vagina basically where a child has appeared from (sorry tmi), its the play you need in your life right now. Witty, funny, well written and seriously well observed comedy at its best, I was itching for them to carry on and do the whole play but alas we got the first scene and a bit of act two to whet our appetites. I need to see the rest sharpish.

Talking of whetting ones appetite. Lindemans. You lot hate me don't you?

I was so monumentally hung over on Saturday that for some reason at the ungodly hour of 5am I Instagrammed a very different "I woke up like this". I looked like I had been run over repeatedly. I felt like death warmed up and then cooled down again. If I scared anyone with my appearance, then blame Lindemans frankly. I know I cannot drink wine, but if you stuff a glass or bottle under my nose and call it a freebie, I am going to dive in. I took me until yesterday to feel human again- I swear I could have auditioned for In The Flesh I looked so like the undead.

All in all, a wonderful event full of info, friends, drinks, giggles and lovely new contacts that I didn't want to go home from. I am so on it trying to get a sponsor already for next year.

See you there guys x


  1. You took some great photos, I missed Good Enough Mums Club as I went at 4 had a banging head and massive blister haha. I saw you Friday evening at the awards I think I was on the table next to you I will definitely be grabbing you next year. x

  2. Wasn't it awesome? I loved it more this year than last. I don't want it to end! Boo hoo :(


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