Sunday, 4 July 2010

Going Cyber, A Swift Gurgle and PVC Policemen of Dean Street

You may have heard that there was a, oh how shall I describe it, low key meet up for us Mummy (and one Daddy, hi Tim!) Bloggers yesterday. Was so tiny that you probably didn't get to hear.

Oh, who am I kidding?

It was MASSIVE! We even made the FT yesterday. Which is quite fitting as its printed on Pink paper!

Can I start by saying a huge and well deserved thanks to Jen and Sian, and to poor Sian's now scarred for life son for yesterdays amazing event.

I couldn't run that sized event if my life depended on it, so well done you!

I learnt loads yesterday, which I have to admit surprised me, as when I looked at the agenda I thought I knew it all already, so went with a view to a shindig! 

But nope, I learnt about the importance of Meta and URL tagging, which I'd never heard of before. That's a lie, actually I'd heard the term Meta Tag, but thought it was a Facebook app to cartoon your picture in some way and then to tag it to mates. Oops

I learnt, finally, what the hell Google Analytics is, and that its actually not as scary as I thought.

I also learnt that Publishers are quite tight these days (but aren't we all?) so you can actually self publish your rants and writing quite cheaply. God help Waterstones if I get round to it! 

I also learnt what a great bunch of Mummy's we all are, all with individual humours, likes and dislikes. That we all write blogs differently and for different reasons. And that blogs which I read when first posted and cried at are nothing compared to when read by their author in a packed room of hormonal women. Tissues for 20somethingmum, please! (I'm blaming you Sandy and Jen).

I love my blog, I love your blogs, and I am so pleased that I met some of you whose blogs I was yet to discover. Will be popping along soon!

It was also lovely to meet some of my Family Panel girls, you are all amazing.

Vic, you are as funny offline as on, hope poor Little A (and Yuri who looked rather scared) wasn't to affected by us mad women!

Emily- get blogging, I miss you xxx

Emma- sorry you get dragged through London in the evening, how mad was that cabbie? Oh and I was right, Elder funnily enough wants to go to Selfridges.....

Pippa, you're nuts. End of.

And to everyone else, big snogs.

Oh and the Gurgles?

Well, we got lost. Now either Police Officers in London have questionable taste in uniform (I'm talking Bums and PVC. I will have nightmares til the day I die), or we ended up in the middle of Gay Pride in Dean Street. We wanted to ask directions, but are now wondering if the Policeman we asked was actually a Policeman at all.

But, I suppose you want to know whether I won?

Yes! SQUEALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually didn't think I had, even upto the moment they had the card and explained why they had chosen me.

But thanks, as if my blog wasn't frequented by such a diverse, lovely, happy to comment bunch as you, they would never have heard of me, so thanks. This ones for all of you.



  1. Sounds fab! I spent my day getting my yahoo account and still not resolved or anywhere near it considering it's bank holiday weekend in usa. *sigh*

  2. YAY!! Well done for Gurgles and lovely to see you at Cybermummy :)

  3. Well done! :D
    Sounds like you had a great time at both events! I am suitably jealous!

  4. Congrats on the award! Very deserving!

  5. Congratulations on the win, sorry I couldn't be there to meet you in person xx

  6. Was fab to finally meet you. Well done on your gurgle! x


    Also, I just about wet my pants at you recounting your experience with "policeman". Amazing.


    It sounds like you had a fab day on Saturday rounded off with a nice shiny award lol

  9. That's awesome....Well done you!!! Was great to meet you on Saturday too!

  10. It was good to meet you, even if it took a while ;)

  11. Sorry I made you cry! Congrats on the Gurgle x

  12. Well done on the Gurgles!

    Sorry I missed you at CM - very happy to have found your blog though. Maybe we'll catch each other next time!


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