Wednesday, 30 June 2010

CYBERMUMMY: Last minute stuff to remember

Oh yes peeps, its T-Minus 3 days until Cybermummy kicks off, and I know after my What To Wear post, you are all crying out:

"But 20SomethingMum, WTF DO WE BRING!!!???"

Fear not, as here's some more for you, this time the other essentials to chuck in your bag:


Yes guys, I personally feel like it's the end of the summer holidays and I am buying all the crap I need to go back to school with (which in my case and at my school was usually stolen by two weeks in). I spent 20 minutes in Wilkinsons yesterday weighing up the comparative methods of using a sensible ball point pen versus pink fluffy pen with ribbons like Alicia Silverstone had in Clueless. And do I need highlighters? Will there be maths so I need a calculator? 

Calm down dears, its only a Conference!

Things you need:
  • Pens. Bring 3 in case one lets you down, or you lose one.
  • A notebook. A5 sized as its big enough to take notes in, but not too big to fit your bag.
  • A Loose paper file. Keeps all your sheets handy, without getting them scrunched up.
  • A Diary/address book. You're going to meet people whose blogs you haven't yet discovered who might just live right near you. Take an address book to jot down their numbers.  

Poor Sian and Jen have enough work on without having to look at lists and make sure you did actually pay to be there. Make their lives easier by printing your ticket! Same can be said for Gurgle invites. Any probs, well, speak to the ladies in advance (not on the day at 9am), but remember most libraries will let you print for as little as 10p if you have the file you want to print on disk.


Clutch bags may be what you dream of bringing as you will be free of the kids for a day, but it might be a better idea to bring a sizeable bag for all the bits and bobs we will be accumulating over the day. Another idea is to buy a canvas Bag for Life from your local Cancer Research shop. These bags fold up, are reuseable, and funky. And better yet, the 2.99 you pay for one will go to help beat cancer. They have a great range on offer, as do many other charity shops, and supermarkets.


If you have a phone like mine that takes a handful of pictures then dies for the day, bring a spare, fully charged battery. Same for laptops. If you have I-Pads, I am not talking to you as I am jealous.


Back when Cybermummy was first mentioned, there was many a discussion that we didn't need these. 

YES WE DO!!!!!

If you want to make contacts in PR or just increase your readership, business cards are essential. 
Its a bit late to do them via the net, but stores such as Staples will do them while you wait, or independent stores will charge you 20-40 pounds for 100 with your own logo.

However, if you don't have the resources, check out some of the sites online where you make, print and cut your own cards for free. is a good one.

So, there you go, remember take a deep breath and if it feels like you're bringing too much stuff, you probably are. 

And for anyone suffering the contagious Cybermummy Jitters, we have a group on PARENTS UNITE for those who wish to meet up outside first.

See, just like school!

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  1. And there'll be a bag inspection at 0900 - by me. Didn't they tell you about that?

  2. ooo err reading this is making me jittery now.. no idea where I put my printed off ticket a few months ago and alas currently 'gasp' have no phone long story gonna pinch hubbys iPhone now how do you work those...

  3. another alternative for business cards is to buy the Avery card sheet and print on to it at home. (Yes, I left it too late to go anywhere else, but I think they look OK anyway :) )

  4. Still debating whether to take a notepad or just rely on my phone. Writing's gonna be difficult with Mr A in hand anyway.


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