Monday, 28 June 2010


Wow, that week went by quickly, and Tara has picked quite a fitting topic for our raft of pics-EMOTIONS

Now, I wont be posting anymore ransom demand looking pics of myself, rather I took this one of Mini last Tuesday after playschool, and the look says it all-

That is a look which says: Mummy I am eating, GO AWAY! I am NOT AMUSED!!!!!

Nothing says I'm annoyed better than that.

Moving on!

I would like to extend a MASSIVE THANK YOU to for being kind enough to sponsor me for CYBERMUMMY. 

I recommend checking their website out, they make safety tattoo type transfers (temporary ones, don't worry they don't come to your house in a biker jacket with a big tattoo gun!) which you can order with your contact details on, so if your child does wander off, they can be safely and quickly returned to you. Look out for more from the company at the conference itself too.

And also a MASSIVE HUG of gratitude to SIAN at Mummytips for all your bloomin' hard work on Cybermummy, for sorting out sponsors, and the event, and still managing to run a business and kids too. I don't know how you do it and would like to extend my Blog award to you- WELL DONE SIAN XXX


  1. Love the photo, and what a great idea those tattoo things are!

  2. awww... thanks hon....
    Just you wait till you see the CyberMummy tattoo's they have made for us!

  3. Really pleased to have sponsored you. The "CyberMummy" tattoos are in the post to Sian. I'm hoping that a few delegates will go home wearing an "I'm a CyberMummy" tattoo. All you need is a few glasses of wine, a napkin and some water. Also hoping - and sure that - you all have a great conference.


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