Me Around the Net

This isn't the only blog I write. Being a stay at home Mum whose children are now both either part or full timers at school, I have too much time on my hands!

As well as this blog, you can find me at:

Twitter (aka my spiritual home)
I fell in love with Twitter in 2008, and have been an avid worshipper since. Feel free to follow me @TheLazyGirlBlog


I do have Facebook, but this is for mates only- sorry! They change their privacy settings so often that I prefer to keep this area quite small.

I quite like this, its not quite as noisy as twitter, and not quite as personal as Facebook. And great for bloggers!


I flipping adore Insta. It rocks. I love the instant nature of peeps finding your pic and giving you the thumbs up. I can be found on there mainly instagramming my vinyl collection, random things from where I live, and anything I else I fancy


Well, this was mine, but Mini has stolen it! But still worth having a look at!

I'm also sometimes found at:
Networked Blogs
YouTube, and 
the DWP Journalist Directory

The Family Panel

As many people know, I've edited The Family Panel for five years now, regardless of the umpteen "people shouldn't review" debates which flare up when there's a full moon. If you'd like to write a guest review for us, then send me an email. If you'd like the Brats to vlog a review of your event, product or anything else, again, feel free to get in touch

I am an active blogger, and as such, you may have spotted me in the following publications and/or websites:

Real People Magazine (Issue 33, Page 54-55),

The Independent on Sunday,

The Daily Mirror:,,

Tomy Baby Tips Book,

The Cuddledry website,

A Mothers Secrets blog,

MyChild as Favorite Mum Blogger of the Week.

Gurgle Online (as Best Blog Writer 2010)

The Bounty Website

The Family Vie "Buzz on the Blogs" August 2010

Recommended Blog at Parentdish 

Pushchair Trader Website

Maclaren Pushchairs Fan page

Persephone Magazine

Interviewed for BBC World Service "Have Your Say" programme Parent Power Tweeters list:

Guest Blogger at Brabantia Blog

Regular Reviewer at UKMumsTV