Thanks for visiting my blog page, whether purely by accident, or because you have followed a link via the web. Whichever way you came to be here, well, cheers, and hope you like what you read and come back again.

This blog is written by myself, about my 2 children, and my Other Half, as well as a few supporting parts of family who either are staying with us at the time (such as the Nephew) and friends who pop in to say hi. If something they are doing reflects on us, then they know it will make its way to the pages here!

I write this blog for two reasons.

Firstly, I hate self help books for parents. I see my blog as the Anti-Guide book. My children don't, and never will, follow the set patterns given by the so called "Experts". In my view if you're a parent, you are an Expert in your own right. We know how it really is when you try to potty train and they prefer to wee on the carpet! We know teething pain is never as bad for a child as at night, when you are in bed, hoping for a good nights sleep.

Secondly, I would love a career in media. This is nothing new, I have wanted to write for a newspaper or magazine for years, since I was little. So if the opportunity arises for me to take part in articles or events which could allow me to network, then I will take the opportunity, but I will always say whether a post is a sponsored post.You can see where I have been featured on the AS SEEN IN... page

You can contact me to arrange reviews or for any reason at my email address familypanel@yahoo.co.uk

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Again, THANK YOU for reading, you make my blog what it is!
20SM xox