Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Move. Bah!

I'm sure by the tone of the title you can gather that a) we moved (well obviously), and b) it didn't strictly go well.....

Saturday came and we were packed and ready for Paul and his big white van to arrive. Unlike other moves, we had a motley crew of big strong men (ahem in their minds) to help, in the shape of Paul, his son Cosmo, our now ex neighbour Kai and Ed's brother Alan. And me. My sister in law Sharon came to keep an eye on the kids, and after the first load, Kai rustled up some bacon sarnies.

So with all these men there, you'd think I could generally hand over a few light items. Huh yeah right!

It was me carrying furniture down from upstairs, mattresses, chests of draws and the like, while two of them (I wont name names), had an extended fag break.

That was until I blew the electrics in the whole house.

I only unplugged the phone from an extension cable.
Which I then dropped and narrowly missing my (bare) feet, it exploded in flames. Oops.

Fearing for my safety, I was given a dust pan and told to leave everything alone.

So, finally at 5pm we were in. I cooked Chrissy is micro meal (naughty mummy) and sat her in the kitchen.

Where she decided it would be a great idea to jump off the chair, thus hitting her chin off her knees and splitting it open.

I had to call my sister in law up, and off we went to casualty.

We got back at gone 9pm, and starving hungry, and tired I went to bed.

Mass unpacking began as soon as I got up. I now think I have too many clothes, as I've spent two days now unpacking them and I still keep finding more.

There is loads of furniture in the house which nice new landlady (NNL from now on) says we can either use or flat pack. So seeing as there was a bloody great double pine bed in Chrissy's room, and she is too tiny for it, I decided to put it down.

First off, half the screws in the slats were knackered and unscrew able so I had to undone the middle support pole by leaning over the bed head, and contorting my self round the slats (who said I need to do Yoga?)

The screws had been put in at a funny angle, but as the last of the four came out, I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

As the screw came out the top end of the bed fell forward.
Onto my foot.

To say I screamed would be an understatement-Ed was in the garden and he heard me.

I literally thought I'd chopped my toe off. I did try and take the weight of the bed up, but I was literally pinned to wall by the bed.

My toe is now a fetching shade of puce and black with bruises (yes it was still attached).
And I have now been hopping round, walking on the side of my foot and trying to put stuff away in between cursing. It didn't help that a wine box of books fell on it yesterday.

So now, when I go out to my school reunion in Kent, my lovely strappy high heeled sandals will be staying behind.

Moving. I hate it!

And if anyone would like to know what revenge I took on my landlords (the horrid lot) please email me-I can't print it here in case they look up my blog!


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  1. OMG! Moving is hideous!!!!

    What is up with the electrics?

    Hope you settle in well


  2. There wasn't much wrong with the electrics, just that the multi plug extension thingy had a loose socket (I didn't know that), so when I pulled the phone plug out, which was tight so I had to yank it, and I dropped the thing on the floor, it just hit the loose socket and went bang. Luckily we had a trip switch in the house so it just shut off all the power elsewise God knows what damage I'd have done.
    And besides the injury to my foot and daughters chin, house is great, all the unpacking is now done and feel some much more relaxed here than the old house.
    Thanks for the wishes x

  3. OMG I hate moving house too. Hope your little girl is okay now.
    I'd love to know what you did sandycalico at ymail dot com!
    I hope all goes well from now on.
    You've been tagged over at mine x


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