Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Thin Pink Line(s)

Now before you send the congrats, calm down-I'm not currently having another baby (thank the Lord and his minions).

I have just joined up to the "A Mothers Secrets" blog page,(see the link to the left) and the newest blog title is "Finding out about pregnancy".
So here's my contribution about finding out that we were having Chrissy Mai-:

Ed and I had been trying for a baby for 5 years. We had been trying for so long that I think both of us thought it would never happen for us. Even friends had made us God Parents to lots of their offspring, which was nice of them but did feel like a bit of a consolation prize!

I think for a number of years I personally kept Clear Blue in business, as in a cruel twist every few months over the five years my period would be late (sometimes by two weeks), and of course we would get excited, only to have the knock back of a negative test, shortly followed by Mother Natures gift.

In the end, a very good friend of mine bought me a bumper pack, as a gift-may seem mean, but she was my closest girlfriend and wanted us to get our wish more than we did.

I tried lots of old wives tales to aid pregnancy-eating certain foods, not eating certain foods, not drinking alcohol, banning smoking in the house/garden and anywhere I may breathe it in, and taking Folic Acid capsules (euuuurrrghhh).

The one him indoors laughed at the most was when I would do a kind of head stand against the bedroom wall whilst lying on the bed-I had read somewhere that holding your lower body like this would help the little swimmers reach their goal. But after 5 minutes the blood would rush to my head and I'd want to keel over!

In the end, we gave up, and had made an appointment for the docs to find out what was wrong. It was awful, as at this point we were blaming each other and having the odd row about the whole thing.I would blame Ed's age and his raving lifestyle back in the early nineties, and he would blame me for my stressed nature.

So, one day, we had a barbecue, with lots of friends, and one of my girlfriends announced she was 3 months gone-and would we like to be God Parents. I would always be so pleased for people, but sometimes it was hard- the couple in question had been together five minutes, hated each other half the time, and both confided they weren't positive they wanted to have a child together (they did actually break up permanently a day before the baby was born).

I had told my friends I had basically given up trying, and for the first time in ages, had a few glasses of wine.

At the end of the evening, when everyone went home, I was slightly tipsy. We had been joking about everyone sneezing and having babies 9 months after, and in the end were laughing.

As I said, I had been given a bundle of pregnancy tests by my friend, so as I needed the loo, I remarked to my other half to sneeze on me. I then thought I'd get a test out and pretend as a joke it had worked.

So imagine the shock I had when it turned positive!

I couldn't find a pen so had decided that when 1 line for negative came out I'd joke that with this test it was positive. But two lines appeared. I screamed, running out the bathroom and jumping in Ed's lap. After doing 3 more(!) all either of us could do was laugh and say "Oh, a baby" alot like morons.

When we announced it to our mates, they couldn't have been happier for us-there was much screeching and crying that day!

And now we have Chrissy who is 2 and a half, and also (within 11 months of Chrissy I was pregnant again) Edward who is 11 months.

So sometimes when you give up it happens!

Never give up, don't let it destroy you as a couple, and don't leave it to the last minute to see a Doctor, if only for peace of mind than anything else.


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