Monday, 31 August 2009

Why Trampolines are Never a Good Idea...

Oh dear. I have a feeling there will be some interesting pictures on Facebook shortly....

As you may have realised from my last post (and on behalf of Edward, him indoors and myself I'd like to send a big "Thank you" for your lovely comments), it was Edward's 1st birthday on Saturday.

So, to celebrate our son being a whole number, we had decided to hold a good old fashioned Barbecue in our garden.

Lots of our friends came from all over, including a special mention to Leanne who I hadn't seen in 11 years(!) who brought herself and two kids on the train and tube during Carnival weekend to be here with us.

We set everything up on Friday, and one of Ed's friends came over to help with food.
We finally found a gazebo (which leaked so luckily it didn't rain on Saturday!) so no one ended up with heat stroke.

By two, everyone was here, presents had been opened, and I'd found my friend Layla in Waitrose car park as she'd lost her directions to get here in her car!

We had a massive birthday cake with candles, which I don't think Edward understood the idea of, but happily he munched on a slice anyway, and Chrissy decided to not like the sponge bit and steal all the icing and stars off the rest of the cake instead.

We even had a karaoke machine, that the mic died a death on after one use (I'd like to point it I didn't sing on it), but Chrissy kept everyone entertained by holding the mic anyway and dancing and singing (a medley which included Teletubbies, tunes from In The Night Garden and her new personal favourite, the chorus to Bulletproof by La Roux).

I had enforced a "no alcohol until kids are in bed" rule, which by and large was kept to. The kids loved running round the house, playing hide and seek, and watching videos, only pausing long enough to stuff a burger in one hand and a plate of cake and sweets in the other before running off again.

So, by 7 they were completely zonked, and posted off to bed.

And that's when the real fun began for us adults.

As is usual with parties, everyone had brought at least one bottle of wine with them, so the kitchen resembled a bar by 4pm.

First we all had a few glasses of wine.

I then gave a speech thanking everyone for coming, and we cracked a bottle of bubbly.

Now, I can definitely say at this point I blame the music for the drinking that occurred. I had downloaded and uploaded various tunes from different eras to please everyone and included some serious amounts of cheese to dance to, from Chubby Checkers Twist, to the Nolans and beyond.

Then someone opened a bottle of Tequila.

Now, I have never drank Tequila in my life, but remember thinking how cute it was that the top was a little hat (yes, I was slightly tipsy).

The stuff tastes like paint stripper. Euuuurrrgghhh! No wonder Mexicans all seems to have gravelly voices in old westerns, I personally think its because they drink that stuff.

But due to this, the trampette that was hanging off the garage roof was brought down, and was danced on and jumped on, by everyone in a bizarre "see I'm not plastered I can jump on here and not fall off" party game.

The I realised my friends sixteen year old had hacked my Facebook and had made my status' rather more interesting than usual.

I went to follow her into the garden to have a word. Now, Leanne managed to get down the step quite safely.

I, however, completely forgot the trampette was in front of the door to the side, tripped over it and landed on the bouncy middle bit, legs and arms and maxi dress everywhere. At which point everyone stopped and wet their pants laughing (I joined in, I'm a good sport and it was hilarious).

Fast forward to the morning, and Edward decided it would be ever so nice to wake Mummy up at 5 wanting a bottle. Then Chrissy woke up at 7, and jumping on both myself and Ed proceeded to scream "wake up Mummy, wake up Daddy, get Edward up".

I felt rather unwell yesterday.

But a bloody good time was had by all.

Summer barbecues. Great idea, just ban trampolines.


  1. Shall I go and hunt you down on Facebook so I can see the photos?! I would quite like to see them... Glad that you had a great time!

  2. Erm, yes you could do, but they've not been posted yet! Thankfully. Perhaps person with the camera is also still recovering!


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