Monday, 12 October 2009

A Very Good Tune, and Some Awards too!

First off, I spotted this on TMF whilst flicking through this afternoon (yes I have finally reclaimed the TV from Chrissy and the curse of CBeebies), the original by The Source and Candi Staton is one of my all time favourite records ever, ever, ever! I had already gained a respect for Florence Welch and her Machine as she calls her ever changing backing group, but this is genius.

And now, heres some awards that I have to pass on-I admit to a certain level of tardiness in handing them on, so sorry! But here goes-

This is going to Sandy at Baby Baby, (, with much affection x


to Emily at Maternal Tales from the South Coast (, who it was as much a pleasure to meet, as it is to read her blog.

This I am giving to the lovely Carly at WADS (Wives and Daughters)  ( who has firmly established herself as an ace Mummy Blogger


Clare at Clareybabbling, ( not least for her brilliant blog but for her twittering expertise!

 Finally we have

This I shall be bestowing on Tim at Bringing Up Charlie (, purely for his selfless flash of chest for our amusement in his recent hilarious blog Hot or Dot?

Definitely recommend checking all those out!

Thanks for the continuing lovely comments I have received from you all x much love and best wishes I will bestow on all of you.


  1. Oooo, I love Florence and the Machine. Fab song.

    Congrats on the awards,


  2. Thanks for the award lovely lady. Was fab to meet you too. Must do again soon xx

  3. Sorry I'm so late getting here. Huge huge thanks xxx


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