Monday, 29 March 2010

Mad about The MADS

Hi all

Hope you all had a great weekend.

I have just filled out my nominations in THE MADS awards. I have picked a selection of my fave blogs, some are old timers who will probably get loads of (deserved) votes, but there are some lesser known bloggers in the mix too.

I'd just like to ask that if you love reading about the mad adventures of Mini, Littlest, Elder and The Nephew, or if you like the way I don't give a damn and say what I think, regardless of the consequences, then please take five minutes to vote for my blog.  And do vote for others too. We all deserve a bit of recognition, and I know those who have come up with this Oscars of the Blogsphere have worked very hard to get some brilliant sponsors and prizes too.

Thanks in advance if you do vote, its much appreciated.

And nope I am not telling you who I voted for!

With loads of love and arselicking (hey I want me a laptop!)

Just to make it easier, here's the link!

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