Sunday, 14 March 2010

Make Mona Lisa Smile-Here's How!

Ever get the feeling that Mona Lisa was a Mum?


Cos she has that wry smile that we all practice- the one that says "yes, my toddler is causing mass destruction in your shop/playground/living room, but, hey ho, I'm going to smile a half smile as if to say, "well, I bet your kids are just as bad".

Know the one I mean?

She also wears no make up, and has on something that, even for the period in which the painting was painted, is serviceable and covers any lumps and bumps on her previously flat tummy left behind by pregnancy- and her hair, well looks like that hasn't seen product for a while.

So I know everyone will ask why I am questioning the Mona Lisa, but I'd like you to help make her smile properly for once.

And here's how

Head on over to Dave, aka Mister Good Guy, who deserves this title fully. He is trying to achieve the mammoth task of raising ONE WHOLE  MILLION for Haiti.

He is asking people, bloggers, brands, anyone with a pocket deep enough, to buy a small square of the Mona Lisa, in return for a mention on the blog. Simple, but oh so affective. I've already staked my little square, as have Tara at Sticky Fingers, and Sandy at Baby Baby too.

So what you waiting for? Go and have a look!
I'd like to ask as you open your chocs and cards on Mothering Sunday to think of the Mum's in Haiti, and Madiera, and Chile too, and how they must be feeling right now. Those who lost homes, belongings and in some cases children of all ages too. So have a look and see if you can give just a little to help Dave out. 

Thanks, and to all you out there



  1. Happy Mother's Day Claire!

    I don't know about the Mona Lisa but I'm certainly smiling! I appreciate you taking the time to post about this.

    I'm already enjoying the project immesely but I have no idea whether we'll raise $1 million. If we do, 85% of the after tax and fees proceeds will go to Haiti and a further 5% will go to the "Million Books Project".

    I'm so pleased you wanted to be part of it and very grateful that you've published a post about it.

    Thank you Claire! :D


  2. No, thank you Dave for giving me the oppotunity to be involved with such a great cause- I am so sure you'll reach the goal!


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