Friday, 30 April 2010

THE GALLERY 9 and 10, Lust and Portrait

OK, so I'm possibly cheating here, but I have done both this and last weeks gallery with just one picture.

The theme last week was Seven Deadly Sins, and mine is lust, and this weeks is Portrait, and the things below make up me. People who know me well will know these things are all things that I love, so portray me or my personality!

We have HANDBAGS- two of my new Ollie and Nic bags, I have another 2 coming by post but they aren't here yet or they'd be in the picture! The little pink metallic one is Mini's which she plonked in!

A photo of MY KIDS as I'm a Mummy and I love it, and as this is a MUMMY BLOG, they really are a requirement!

There's also a notebook and pen to signify MY WRITING

Lastly, there's a pile of (some) of the records we have floating around our house, with some of my personal faves at the front, as everyone knows how much I love MUSIC in general.

So, two in one!

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