Sunday, 16 May 2010

My BIGGEST Fear Meme.....

Its Meme time again, and I think at this rate I may have to nominate myself for Slummie Most Addicted to Memes award (that's not me being a narcissistic, you actually have to nominate yourself before anyone can second it!).

So, I have been tagged by Emma at Me, The Man and The Baby (she who set me off on the Bloggers With No Make Up On challenge on Friday, and for all of you who wrote such lovely comments....your cheques in the post!) in the meme to tell all on your Biggest Fear.

Well, after Emma admitting to a fear of Toad in the Hole, I will start off with a bit of a daft one. Well, it is daft to Elder and everyone else, but to me its not.



I hate the things, whether mushy, garden or marrowfat, they look, smell and, I imagine, taste disgusting.

Such is my dislike of the things that when we get dishes from the Chinese take away, I have to "De-Pea" my portion before I can eat it. And if pea juice, or a single pea ,gets on my dinner plate, I cannot eat it, it makes me feel sick thinking about it. I once told Elder I couldn't eat a dinner as he had put a teaspoon of peas on it by mistake, as it had been "contaminated" with peas (they were, in my defence, Marrowfat, which has all this nasty juice with it).

I can't actually recall eating peas, my Mum doesn't eat them either, so it wasn't a food we had in the house when I was a kid.

It stems, however, from a school trip to Whitby when I was 11.

On the last day, the lady who ran the hotel we were staying in made a Roast, and handed out plates piled with roast spuds, chicken and gravy.

And peas.

So, there we all were, sitting at the table, and everyone was pretty miserable, either because they'd caught the tummy bug that quite a few kids had come down with on the trip, or had to go home in the morning. In fact that trip was mental, I had my first kiss , and shared a room with my best mate (to this day) Zoe.

Anyway, we had 3 teachers there on the trip, Mr Halls (lovely) Mr Beresford (Nutter, horrible teacher) and I forget who the third was. Mr Beresford watched us all as we ate, barking at us to eat it all or else. I swear, he was so nasty this teacher, he used to give out detentions all lunchtime because as we were at Primary school he couldn't keep us back after school. Someone nicked my PE kit once and even though it wasn't my fault and I wasn't in his class, he gave me two days of detention.

Myself and another boy, called Alex Plumb, didn't want to eat our peas, but Mr Beresford had only noticed Alex had stopped eating.

To get to the point, Alex was shouted at so badly, that he started to say he felt sick. Mr Beresford said he wasn't allowed to leave the table until he had finished eating, and forced a spoonful of peas into poor Alex's mouth. With that he put his hands over his mouth, and proceeded to puke all over his dinner, the table, his lap and, better still, my dinner too! Of course, with all of us being 10 and 11, this became a legendary story, and I do recall Darren and Lee, the twins, acting it out so much that Mr Halls told them they deserved an Oscar.

So, there you go, pea phobia, caused by a nutcase teacher and Alex "Pukey Pea" Plumb (no, I didn't make that up. It was one of the girls on the bus back from Whitby, round about May 1993!)

My Biggest, not daft, fear is Fire, or that me and the kids would be stuck in a house fire.

I have never been in a house fire, ever, the closest I have got to fire is on Bonfire night. Or when Elder set his van alight on bonfire night when I was pregnant with Chrissy (don't ask).

But I really fear fire and have done for as long as its possible for me to remember.

I have a reoccurring dream that I am stuck in a house that is on fire, and I'm trying to get out, but people (who sometimes can be Elder, or sometimes can be people who I don't recognise) are trying to smash the doors and windows but whatever they are using bounces back without breaking the glass, like rubber, I guess.

I hate getting this dream, as I wake up, eventually, though its hard to, and I can't breathe and am crying. Sometimes I wake up and convince myself that there is smoke in the room, and I have to get up and turn all the lights on.

We have smoke alarms and such like, but they aren't fool proof.

The worst thing about the house which we will leave today is that after I found out about the Landlord's restaurant being burnt down, and knowing he has people after him who think he lives here, I convinced myself that they may target the house next. When I told Elder this about a month ago, he said that that was it, we had to move- he knows how much fire scares me.

I always check routes out when I move too- like I know I will today when we move in to the new house. Its daft, as I know the chances are very slim, but well, can't help what you're scared of!

And yes, I do know what its caused by, but I can't say here.

So, there you go- whats yours?

I'm going to tag
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  1. Wow, that's some meme... although the Pukey Peas story put me off my breakfast! I'll get thinking... hmmmmmm!

  2. I once had a similar experience with fig rolls, where a boy sat next to me on a mini bus on a school trip. and he ate so many of the disgusting things that he was sick over himself and me! I have never eaten anotyer one since - although even before he puked on me I made my mind up that fig rolls were not a biscuits that I would be eating in the future!!
    Great meme :-0


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