Wednesday, 9 June 2010

MINI MOMENTS- The World According to Mini (aged 3)

Here's a short post about Mini, and how she, at 3, sees things, does things, and says things. However crap the weather, or miserable the day in general, you can always rely on Mini to make you smile.

The Dictionary, according to Mini (How we say them and how she says them)

Thermometer- Tamoniter
Aeroplane- Lairoplane
Barbecue- Barba-clue
Hairbrush- Hair Blush
Computer- Pluta


....Are there purely for her amusement. The neighbours Cat's (or Catty) are petrified of her, and now run at break neck speed through the garden.

She also thinks that flies listen to her, so when one is near her or lands on me or anyone else, she shouts and points at it, saying "No, fly, get off, get off my Mummy. Naughty fly". She also believes that, because the fly dutifully flies away, that this works.

As for spiders, she has no idea whether she likes them or not, so at one moment can hate them and run away screaming, then when she's told that the spider is more scared of her as she is of it, she then gets upset again and apologises to the spider. Yes, really.


This, seemingly, baffles Mini.

Her idea of football is to pick up the ball, and to run in any direction she chooses, throw the ball, and shout "Goal!"
She also thinks that no matter who scores in a game, its a cause for celebration, meaning she will not be popular if someone scores against England in the World Cup, as she will jump around shouting goal regardless.

And she owns, and wears all the time, a pair of England flag deelly boppers, she wore them all round Maidenhead High Street on Monday, and gets quite annoyed when her brother pinches them.


Give her a plate of food that she ate last week, and she wont eat it.

Give the food to the gerbils a few days later, and suddenly she wants it.


  1. Pluta - sooooo cute! I may just have to borrow that off her and use it for mine! :D

  2. This is lovely. My little one shouts "goal" every time she kicks the ball! You should make sure she knows the word "lollipop" - it is the cutest thing to hear them say

  3. Hello! Thanks for commenting on BMB

    Bless Mini. Sounds very simillar to living with Amy who is four.

    Maybe it has something to do with living in Maidenhead.

    The only difference is Amy is terrified of anything that crawls, flies or buzzes.


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