Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dear So and So.... Christmas In July

Morning all, hope you're having a great weekend. I haven't posted a Dear So and So for a while, so here's one for you all. 

Dear New Neighbours at 39

Erm, I get it, right. I "did" the shared house thing in 1999-2000, and I'll admit, it was a crazy time of impromptu late nights and giddy drinking sessions. In fact as the kitchen was painted bright yellow it was often said that you needed sunglasses in the morning to walk through after a bit of a session. Girl friends would come over due to the amount of Flat Mate Jon's friends who would be in the kitchen in boxers purely for a good perv.

But seriously- we would not have been so ignorant as to have a party in the garden that starts at 9.30pm, with loud (shite) music and shouting, knowing full well that the houses on either side contain young children. We also turned our noise right down and chilled at 11pm. Not once did anyone ever complain about us to our Landlord. 

Warning: Wake my babies up again and my landlord will hear about it- his bro is your landlord, get me?

Thanks, Irate Mummy with no sleep.

Dear Cutest Blog on the Block

PLEASE do not have a big sign on my blog saying my back ground will be deleted. I just about know how to turn a PC on, let alone have to re-do my whole site. Whenever I have uttered about changing my site, I've had loud "NOOOs!". Please do not do that again.

Blogger of 20SM

Dear Disney and Wilkinsons

Thanks for letting me have a sneaky peek of Christmas stuff.
But July? Seriously? It was hot outside, and I also predict that I will be skint again at Christmas as I saw loads of stuff for the brats. Bugger.
Oh but as an aside, to the lady who called me a Journalist- mwah I love you x


Dear Man on Train

Yeah, thanks for making me think my train was about to be blown up. Really great.

DO NOT wait until a train is racing out of Paddington, after I've had delayed tubes and want to get home before the brats go to bed,  to stand up (in a big puffa coat) and begin waffling on about how we are all lost and seeking salvation, and must all go to God. People literally ran through the carriage with fear. So not good.
I believe in freedom of speech and that for some religion is great, but please not on a packed commuter train in a big coat.

Off you run to church where they like that kind of devoution

Harrassed commuter.

Dear Blog Readers

Sorry in advance if I'm a bit quiet over the next few weeks. We're off to Camp Bestival next weekend and I will tweet whilst my battery is alive.

But I am also helping my friend Carrie Ann set up a very special site for Victims of Serious crime. You see, Carrie is very brave and even though she was viciously and sexually attacked by three men, she has waived her anonymity so she can bring the lack of good support out in the open and raise funds and awareness to help others. She is frankly amazing. So, yes, blog may be a little quietish depending on the site and launching it. It's called SOS Speak Out Support by the way.

Thanks in advance x

Dear Dorset

Camp Bestival here we come-yay

Love Claire who is doing a little excited dance in her chair


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