Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mini Moments: The Origins Of Mini

CyberMummy held lots of laughs and surprises but the biggest surprise of all has led to this post.

I have never thought about it, but obviously not everyone who is reading this blog has read it before. 

Some of you may have been reading for a few days since CyberMummy, or seeing me on the Gurgle's nominee or winner lists. Some of you could have been reading a matter of weeks, or better still, months. And only a handful of people will have taken up the scary task of reading it from Day 1. 

It was, however, a shock when I was discussing the children with a fellow Mummy Blogger and was referring to Chrissy Mai

They looked as if they were following me, until they waited for me to finish, and then, looking confused, said:

"Oh, I didn't know you had another daughter. Why do you not blog about her too?"

It was because I was referring to Mini as her actual name, not the name that I call her here.

In fact, even Mini has very little grasp of her actual name, such is the length of time that we have referred to her as Mini.

The lady at Playschool does try and call her Chrissy, yet even she has all but given up now, such is the blank stare/ignorance of being called Chrissy.

So, where did the nickname come from, and why is it so often used that very few people know her by her name?

Well, first up, when she was born, in fact before she was born, we had always said she was to be called Chrissy. It was Elder's Mum's name, and being that Elder is traditional, he wouldn't hear of any other name, not that I disagreed.

The middle name was a sticking point, but we finally went for Mai. Purely because my friend Jodie was discussing her middle name, and I loved the sound of it.

So, that was settled.

Meanwhile, The Nephew was living with us in Kent. 
Cue first variation of nickname.

Just to confuse everyone more, her first nickname was Missy Moo. Bestowed upon her by The Nephew.

Moo is kind of similar to his little sister (and our nieces) nickname Noo Noo (like the Hoover in Teletubbies). Which I thought was very sweet, as Elder had been around when The Nephew was born so it felt quite Wurthers Original advert.

Missy? Well, I thought how sweet on that one too.

Until I found out that, being that he is such a lady killer, The Nephew, on answering his mobile or messenger, never refers to lambs to the slaughter girls by their christian name. Oh no. 

The clever so and so refers to all of them, without fail, as Missy.

(I later found out this was stolen from Elder's variation of "Love". And yes, the first time he phoned me he referred to me as love too).

Took the shine off that nickname I can tell you.

Cue nickname two, and current so-longstanding-everyone (including Mini herself) has no idea her name is actually Chrissy.

Due to my having a photo taken of the pair of us for Real People by Elder. And everyone remarking how alike we both are. 

Shockingly so in fact-same smile and everything! I just hope she doesn't get my nose, or I'll be saving for two nose jobs rather than one by the time she's 13 (when I first realised what a Bastard nose I possessed, not because I'd force my offspring to have surgery).

So, Mini stuck, a she is a Mini-ature me.

Gawd help us all!

So, whats the origins of your nicknames?


  1. I'm not telling you any of my (many) nicknames, let alone their origins... Ok, well... one of the nicest things my pupils used to call me was Wacko Acko! Can't think why...

  2. The nicknames I use for my girls that I use on blogger are basically shortened versions of their name (and they have short names anyway!) Bel's comes from us calling her Belly Bum bums when she was little but I decided to shorten that!
    A nickname that I was given in school was Funky due to dropping macaroni cheese on the canteen floor - no idea why. As I grew up this was changed into a song but unless I blog drunk (ok I do this but not that drunk) you are not going to get to know it!!!
    Congrats on your Gurgle award - definately deserved.

  3. My son often refers to himself as Snaffles. He gained his name becuase despite being a tiny little dot of a boy he snaffles any food in sight.


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