Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mini Moments: I got 99 Problems and a Teen Shouldn't Be One.

The Child Formerly known as Mini is at it again.

I know kids grow up fast these days, but this is ridiculous.

Recently, Mini, she who is usually reasonably behaved (when compared to her brother), has decided in her infinite wisdom that, now she is fast approaching four, she is "bored" with the Toddler years, and can't be arsed with being a tween either.

No, instead, she has skipped to almost teen like behaviour.

She doesn't like to get dressed on weekends, preferring to slink round the house in her hooded dressing gown, with the hood up, and her fringe swept over one eye (it having now grown out). 

She has also decided that, rather than ask for something to snack on, she'll just wander to the fridge, open the door, stand peering inside, whilst sighing presumably at the lack of sweets and cakes (due to the diet), before slamming it and bogging off back to her sofa. 

Yes, its not my sofa anymore, its hers, as she proves by reclining across it, hugged in a blanket, remote in hand (even though she has no idea how to actually change channels with it, thank heavens).

She has also embarked on "Operation Annoy Younger Bro". Which she does by forcibly removing any toy from him, or book. Tickling him. Following him around the house poking him. Which has the secondary outcome of Littlest screaming at the top of his voice, and me getting a migraine at least 3 times a day. 

She knows what she will and wont wear-eg. she wont wear anything I pick out.

Its quite daunting. She even pushed me into the Hairdressers to get her hair cut cos its "minging Mummy", except I had left my bank card in my other purse and had a tenner on me, so couldn't let her have it done. 

She greeted me at Playschool with "Oh I wanted Daddy, you'll have to do. Where's my sausage roll?". Delightful. 

Now, I know they do have to get older, its a fact of life. But seriously? Not this fast. I feel old enough already without my daughter being on a mission to be 4 going on 14. If she's this bad when she's only practising, well, I'm done for.

Mini, please be a baby for as long as possible. Trust me, once you're older, its all down hill. 

Having said that, she does have delightfully babyish moments.

Like today, whilst in Wilkinsons with her Daddy, when, having spotted a display of toilet rolls, she shouted out, top of her voice "Daddy look, loo roll. For Poos". 

Out of the mouths of babes, indeed. 

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  1. lol this is like when i see my three year old sitting on the couch watching tv with his legs spread juice in his hand and snack in the other lol!


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