Monday, 18 April 2011

TESCO: An Update

You may have read, or seen Tweets, regarding my post about my experience of shopping in my local Tesco store- if not you can read it here.

Well, such was the amount of interest the post generated via Twitter, the Re-Tweets and discussion it launched, and the many of you who expressed that they also find Tesco's customer service as bad as me, before I'd even sent the link, or a complaint, to Tesco Head Office (and thanks to the two people who left a comment with the right person's name), I received a tweet asking me to follow Tesco at Twitter. Some of the tweets included:

Doesn't surprise me in the least! Sainsburys all the way for me xx @TescoOnline! RT @Nikki_of_Oz: RT @20somethingmum
@20somethingmum that is awful!!!just read it out to my husband we are both shocked!!!
@20somethingmum Outrageous- esp the supervisor!! I stopped shopping there after I was refused wine as my 16 yo son was standing next to me x

Which, if nothing else proves that Twitter is the fastest way of contacting anyone these days!

By Sunday afternoon after the post was published, I had been asked for my contact details via Twitter, 

@20somethingmum Hi Claire, sorry to hear about your experience. We'd like to investigate,could you follow us so we can DM you for more info?
and on Monday I received a very concerned email indeed.

The matter is now being thoroughly investigated (or so I am told), and I hope that I will be able to update you all further.

What amazes me though is not just about how many comments I received expressing that you have all suffered the same treatment from what are well paid staff, but the Tesco Twitter page appears to be full of complaints, annoyance and bad staff experiences. Surely a company such as Tesco needs to change the way their staff behave? 

Whether I will still spend my cash in Tesco is doubtful to say the least- not least because when I walked past the store on the Sunday of Mini's birthday, the supervisor who was so rude to me grinned once again like an idiot at me. Obviously she wasn't aware of my post and the disbelief and anger it generated, as something tells me she may not be so smug next time I happen to walk past.

Lets hope she is dealt with in the way we would hope and that Tesco take the time to look into your comments regarding your own negative view of Tesco staff and their attitude.

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  1. I read the last post with interest as I had a similar thing happen a while ago. My hubby and I went into tesco a while ago and bought a bottle of red wine. They asked for ID (which was flattering- I am 27 and hubby is 32!) as my hubby was paying he had his wallet with ID which he showed them, they then asked me for ID which I didn't have any on me as I had come in without my purse. They then wouldn't serve us and the lady behind the counter was rather snotty about it.

    I understand they have policies but this is a little bit ridiculous, we pointed out that we were married as per our wedding rings, does she think my husband was married to someone under 18 after she had seen his ID saying 1978!!?

    I do understand they have a policy of checking those looking under 21 (which I don't) but I think sometimes they need to use common sense I think.

    Hope it all gets sorted! x


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