Monday, 9 May 2011

Do We Bloggers Need to Learn To Turn The Other Cheek?

Maybe its the hot weather?

Or was it a full moon over the weekend?

I don't know, something went seriously off kilter in the blog world yesterday and for once, guess what, IT WASN'T SOMETHING I'D SAID!!

Yes, now you've all picked yourselves up off the floor with shock (I had to join you as it goes), I watched from a far as everyone got into a right old tizz (its been a while, has to be said) and some were so disgusted they wrote a whole post about blogger's rights to write what they jolly well like to.

Now, I honestly thought that someone must have really gone to town on everyone who runs linkys and memes and named them and practically offered to take them outside for a bashing on the ears at the next available blogging event. Such was the anger, the upset and the annoyance.

But after I finally got to see the post that started it all. Well, it was just a guy's opinion.

I have to say I dont understand the major flaming the guy got. Really I don't.

The thing about blogging is that its someone's opinions regurgitated to their blog page for you to come along and read. Or not if you think their thoughts suck.

I think the reaction the fellow got made us all look a bit schooly.

As someone who could have taken his words as an attack (and if it had been the wrong time of the month maybe I would have) I write sponsored posts, my last two posts were just that. I also take part in Linkys and Memes if the mood takes me. It doesn't always take me. I do it when my stats are a little low. I doubt very much I'm the only one who does it for that reason, but I also don't doubt there are those who do it for the fun of it, for the joining in. The comments are nice but that's not their fundemental reason for doing them.However, he had every right to write, on his space, what he did write.

Which kind of made the ranty post after it a bit silly. You can't very well argue on your right as a blogger to write what you damn well like to, and then moan at him for writing, erm, well what he darn well wanted to! Makes your point void really.

You can hardly make the post and point that everyone should run a site or blog how they like, based on attacking a person (who wasn't linked to but it took me all of an hour to find out) for running a site or blog how they liked.

It starts to feel that, whilst one person feels they can write how or what they like, they then feel that others can only do so within reason and in the spirit of which we must not question each other's actions. Or that you must write what you like, but only if other bloggers think thats what you should write about.

I  did ask the guy if he had taken into account the fact his post would raise his stats and that voyeurs, like myself who'd never even heard of his site or blog, would be over in our droves to see what all the fuss was about, and his answer was candid. He wants to raise the profile of his site which does good work for single parents. Cool. Thats really OK. I do the same with Family Panel by holding competitions. Its what us savvy bloggers do to get bums on seats and bring the readers to us. 

But perhaps his way of doing it wasn't the best way?! It certainly, intended or not, caused some angst to certain parties. Which I think should be rectified.

Seriously though. Do we need to turn the other cheek? Do we need to practice what we preach in our "we'll write what we like" sentiment? Or is it more a case of being dependent on who said it in the first place?

I know of othe rposts which have questioned the direction blogging is going, with photos and memes etcs. But these didn't cause the upset that this particular post did. Why is that?

Well, I'm not sure.

But can we please learn to mind a little of what we say. And not get our knickers quite so twisted next time.

No drama people!

Of course, if you don't like what I have to say, move along now!


  1. well said! Now, am i allowed to ask for the link to the original post that caused the stir?! It all completely went over my head, as always

  2. Indeed its at

    Go forth and reply!

  3. thanks! on my way over with a glass of vino...

  4. Well bloody said that woman!!! I couldn't believe the fuss when I actually read the article today! I think it was a major overreaction and everyone needs to get a grip!!!! I did obviously read your blog first to see what you'd done ;-) xx

  5. Great post with lots of good points, well made. I think that everyone has a right to their opinion and it's our blogs and we can write what we like. If people want to read it then Yay! If not then there are loads of other blogs they can read. Good on you for talking sense :o)

  6. The original post has been pulled now, I don't know what it said, but I agree with Utterly Scrummy x

  7. Blimey! Head under sand as ever, missed the entire thing, but well said Utterly Scrummy and 20 Something Mum.


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