Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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Yes, well, it seems I had underestimated by a mile the mentalist behaviour of some in the blogging world. 

Turn the other cheek? In some circles not very likely.

Which is sad beyond belief, because both posts where trying to drum up that blogging in itself rocks and we all should run our corner how we want. In OnlyDads post, I came away feeling that it was kind of a lament for trying to find new stuff to read in the blog world, only to find lots of samey posts. Which is true. It does get a bit tedious, a bit yawnsome.

But it wasn't a direct "they should all be ended" argument. I felt in that post that OnlyDad had lamented publicly what I often lament privately in my kitchen to Elder that blogging isn't like the old days before everyone got offered nice shiny bits and bobs and got paid for the odd post. I've often wondered if that is where blogging changed, not due to linkys or memes (they've been going for ages) but due to the sense of competition to gain money for blogging, or items for review. 

I've often told poor, long suffering Elder during rantier times about blogging that I wouldn't put it past some to crawl over my bleeding half dead carcass to get to a toy/book/film opening. See, I don't think that would actually happen, I'm ranting, thus I'm joking. Jeremy Clarkson does it all the time on Top Gear. In fact I think I have a guys sense of humor due to spending a lot of time in my Dad's company. 

However, the other post, the one which lamented freedom of speech and to blog, well, it seems that the author has been on such a Twitter drive that OnlyDad's has removed his succinct, well thought out post.

Which is even bigger irony than posting an anti-post about being anti about posts. Now his freedom of speech has gone completely. Irony, people. 

What is sad is that, I wonder how many of the commenter's at the other post had actually found the original post? I also wonder that, the amount of pro-ranty post comments there were-what no one disagreed? No one said, erm, hello, you've just contradicted yourself?

Well, actually they did. I did.

I had no intention of commenting on the post. Believe me I tried, but after seeing that the poster had carried on, yet OnlyDad and another blogger had moved along to get on with blogging, well, that was out of order. Surely it was a case of point made, agree to disagree, move along now nothing to see here?

Well, no.

In fact, in further proof of OnlyDad's worry of people "blogging for stats" the other ranty post was linked to loads and loads, along with accusations of bullying. Victimisation. Erm, nope not what I saw.

Of course the usual sycophants couldn't wait to go and brown nose find out what was up. At which point more of the same bullying accusations came. Again, erm no.

So, I posted a thought through comment. My spelling may have been off (it was 8am. I'd been up half the night with a poorly Littlest). 

To which almost instantly was a tweet about a comment, just posted, being a personal attack, illiterate and thus wouldn't be posted.

How many others have written well thought out comments which disagreed, only to be spammed off? Hmmm. Freedom of speech? Possibly that should be "freedom of speech as long as you don't say something I cant quite stomach".

So here, names removed, is my comment:
You Know what (NAME REMOVED), I'd like to ask how many of the people who have commented above have actually read and then re-read the post that you refer to? Seriously. I'd also like them to blank their minds of everyone elses ideas on the post and read it with an open mind. At no point did the post mention anyone directly. Not at all. Lets face it, the amount of sponsored posts, reviews, linkys and memes I do, I'd have every right to feel aggrieved too.
But I didn't and don't.
I have to say, this has got completely out of hand, and has been whipped up, sorry but by yourself, as some sort of upsetting scandal in the blog world.
It doesn't directly mention or even suggest anyone when it questions the direction blogging is taking. I know of posts by better known (and possibly more popular) bloggers, some only a few weeks back who said very much the same thing and there was no mass over reaction like we see here.
I also ask how you are being attacked, intimidated or bullied? I've seen those words bandied around Twitter by yourself, and others who rush to sympathise (or be sycophantic, you decide)
No, I think the issue is you posted this post,the irony was pointed out and you jumped on the defensive. That's up to you, if thats your version of integrity.
The whole thing is ridiculous. No doubt your stats will rise (as will OnlyDads). But really do we need to get to the stage where more bloggers are being threatened with court cases and blog removal again over someone pointing out the irony of your post? No one has been bullied-laughed at yes cos I did when I read this. Sorry but you cant get on your high horse on a topic using the title you use and sentiment you did and then say he cannot write his feelings on his blog. He didn't write it elsewhere on a blog praising memes and the like-that would have been nasty. Seriously (NAME REMOVED), get over it.

I can say I changed the spelling- as I said twas rather early in the morning, the words changed were "Upsetting" I spelt it wrongly with two e's instead of two t's. I mis-spelt intimidating. I added "use" to the sentence "title you use". I only point this out so you get the whole picture of what I wrote down.
Now, is this bullying, intimidating, a personal attack? I'm throwing open the floor here, so let me know.

They've also taken it that I meant THEY should be taken to court. Nope. I know an acquaintance of this poster threatened a blogger with libel over a post questioning their attitudes towards bloggers. That's where I believed this was going, as hat's sadly where it all went before. We couldn't disagree without being threatened with libel.

I did laugh at the irony of the post- before I'd even seen the other one, because of the contradiction it was. I find that kind of irony funny. So shot me. 

Actually, after the writer of the post mentioned flak jackets at Cybermummy in a tweet, maybe "shot me" is the wrong term. 

To the people who run these memes and linkys- you guys rock. Keep it going, I don't join in with all of them all  the time, but when I do its fun. So thank you. This post (and yesterdays) was in no way a slight to you. It was just little old me sticking up for the little miss understood guy. That's what I do. This is not a reflection on any one of you. Not a bit of it. So, if you think or were led to believe it was, that's not correct. Thank you.

People, its over to you. Thoughts?

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