Monday, 2 May 2011

HELP! Is My 4 Year Old More Stylish Than Me?

I love having a little girl.

Hold on, scrub that, I love both my kids unconditionally, but its kind of nice having one of each as me and him indoors can take one each at certain times and for certain things (like Littlest's new fascination with his boy bits (ahem) and his constant worry that it is "broken").

Mini, you may have noticed, is ever so slightly a girly girl, and is very picky on what she wears.

She's becoming what they call a style queen, and it astounds me how good she is at such a tender age at putting together a really great outfit, including, more often than not, accessories too.

Its quite nice going shopping with someone who has a great love for doing just that- she is happy to give a yay or nay on items, whether they are intended for her, or anyone else I happen to be shopping for. In fact, on a recent jaunt to buy Littlest's summer wardrobe, the clothes she picked were the ones her (also discerning) Daddy liked the best!

So, I hear you question, what is the problem with having a style Queen (Princess?) in the house?

Erm, one rather large issue, is that I think, in fact I am almost certain, my 4 year old is MORE STYLISH THAN ME


Take the Royal Wedding, which I had very little interest in.

Mini loved it, picking out her own Princess crown and dress (she has a vast selection of Disney and other costumes, the second hand shops are a goldmine for them), and sat waving her fag, oohhh and ahhing at all the hats.

Then on catching a glimpse of the main event- Catherine's (admittedly beautiful) dress, she was awestruck. Literally, she was bubbling with excitement, and the first words she was able to utter were "She looks beautiful Mummy", and then went to say the same to her Dad (who was online in the kitchen generally taking the mickey out the whole event). 

She is now very much lapping up any info on the wedding that she can- she ran off with one of the supplements and once again remarked on all the outfits, and has gone so far as to ask for one of the pictures of the bride to be put on her bedroom wall. She wants to write Catherine a letter, wants her to come and play in the garden, on and on! Catherine is her new thing, toppling Octonauts, Barbie, the lot, by miles. Catherine, according to Mini, is pretty. She has a girl crush!

She's very aware of what goes and what doesn't, something I learned at about 21, not 4. 

She has had quite a say in her own attire for the wedding she will be a bridesmaid at in the summer. She wants her nails pink, and when her Aunt was thinking aloud on the bridesmaids having ribbon in their hair or a tiara, she spoke up, all be it politely, and said she'd prefer a tiara.

She uses words like "practical" and "considerably". Not just throwing them in but using them correctly. 

It's almost like living in a better costumed version of Dawsons Creek.

She even remarked on what I had on the other day, pulling out a different top to go with my jeans.

Not something I assumed my pre-schooler would be doing. But she was right!

So, do you inherit style, or are you just born to be stylish?

I'd value your opinions!


  1. Was she really waving her 'fag'? ;)
    My 2 year old daughter is very stylish. Her hair looks amazing in a ponytail with a clip holding her fringe to the side. She has funky shoes and accessories and her clothes are definitely more fashionable than mine.
    She does sometimes look at what I'm wearing and tells me I look pretty, which is the best feeling ever! :)

  2. I have this problem as well. I am a tom boy at heart and really have no fashion or style sense whatsoever.

    However I seem to have birthed the queen of style by mistake. She is very opinionated with what she wants to wear and what goes with what.

    I'm just hanging on and going along for the ride. Who knows, maybe she'll teach me a thing or two.

  3. She sounds adorable.

    I have no sense of style even now at 26 so i live in hope that my (now 3 month old) daughter can help me out as she gets older.


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