Monday, 13 June 2011

The MADS: One Week Left!


Its the FINAL WEEK this week for voting in the MADS awards, and every vote counts. I would love it that if you like this blog (hello, if you do, mwah love ya loads for getting me, my sense of warped humour and for not giving up on my rantier times) that you'd pop over and vote for my blog in the Most Innovative category.

I don't think I stand a chance, personally as I am up against some far more well liked bloggers, but I'd like to at least not come last!

So, without further a-do, here is Miss Mini herself, to tell you why she wants you to vote. And no, its not so Mummy wins an Ipad/recognition from her peers/annoys Daddy by going on about it for 3 months afterwards like after the Gurgles.... And, as you'll see, she is much better in front of the camera than Mummy!

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