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5 Songs Meme

See, now, I may be the resident blogger to have on your quiz team for the music round, but these musical memes always require lots of thought on my part. Having a vast jukebox instead of a brain isn't always a good thing when it comes time to pick songs for a meme. I love lots of songs, but, as I mused on Google+ yesterday, I wouldn't necessarily advocate living life by Peaches, by The Stranglers, or Bike by Pink Floyd.

So, when Pippa decided to tag me in the "5 songs to live life by" meme, with the reason "cos she likes music", while that is true, it took a lot of vinyl fumbling and rejections to pick the following 5. I also didn't want to pick the obvious. At one point, my 5 would probably have made you all suicidal, as they were so maudlin. At another point, I nearly had Mel and Kim. That's just scary, and possibly due to drink.

But, eventually, I have picked the following, and if there aren't tunes you've heard before, then click on the title to go over to the nets fave jukebox, Youtube.

Now, this ended up overtaking The Beatles, All You Need is Love. The Beatles make a true statement, which of course, we all should live by, but what about after you find it? Its very easy to have love, but then you have to make sure to nurture it. With this song, possibly not quite so well known as our buddies from Liverpool, it really enforces the fact you have to be careful with love as once its gone its hard to replace it. Its a song which I was introduced to quite early on by Elder.

Quite fitting for the last few weeks, as I think its should make up the soundtrack to the demise of The News of The World, and all those vacuous and talentless girls who would line up to sell their stories to it. I think it certainly pokes fun at the concept of money, and how it can ruin people. I also love the sentiment that money will buy a lot of things, but happiness isn't one of them. Greed isn't always good.

I bet this is one nobody knows! Its me indulging my hippie side, but, its also scarily fitting. Written at time when Vietnam was leading people to question what their government was doing for them, and leading to sit ins and peace demos both here and in the US. However, Barry really let the powers that be know how angry the youth were. Its a great youth in revolt tune. So, why is it fitting now? Well, once again we find ourselves in questionable conflicts, which we were promised were for good due to the buzz of WMDs. Of which we have found not one of. Yet many have died as a result of our government lying to us. It provokes the listener to question authority, to not be led along by anyone, regardless of their position.

This is probably the flip side to the first track, about holding on to love. Whilst its easy to say the words, I love you, they're just words, and its easy to say them to the wrong person. Its also easy to be hurt by them too. So, the lyric in this (I've gone for the version I first heard, rather than Neil's version) that "Only love can break your heart/Try to be sure right from the start", is a good piece of advice, on not getting too caught up on love but also that you should be careful who you say it to. Be sure that you really do love the recipient before saying those 3 tiny words.

I am a massive fan of both these artists, and this song is beautiful. Its easy to give up, when you everything feels like it sucks and you could easily just give in and disappear. However, this song is the one I go to when I feel down, and it empowers me. I love the sentiment that, yes, life is bad, you feel like no matter what changes you've made its all bad regardless, but you have friends who love you, who are there for you, as you are. If friends are true, you don't need to change a thing. I think the video, though simple considering this is a era when people tried to make their videos as flashy and expensive as possible, of the two hugging, that closeness, is great- we all just need a hug sometimes.

So, there are my five (I wanted 6 and so nominate RESPECT by Aretha Franklin as one all women should pass on to their daughters!) and I'm going to tag:
Emily from Babyrambles

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