Monday, 8 August 2011

An Open Letter to Our Prime Minister

Dear Mr Cameron

Frankly, you have let your country down immeasurably, almost but not quite in the same league as these petty mindless thugs who have brought our civilised country to its knees.

In times like we have seen over the last 4 nights, the people should be able to look to our elected representative for reassurance. Instead, we have seen your people tell us that you didn't feel it necessary to cut short your holiday abroad.

Answer me this, Mr Cameron- when you wanted us to vote you in, you promised us a better society- a big society in fact. You promised increase in Police power to deal with hooligans. You promised us alot, sir, yet I fail to see you deliver it thus far.

Tell me, sir, how you would feel if you were trapped inside your home with your children? If a business you spent more than just money on was the latest building on Sky on fire? How would you feel to see the Police do little if anything to protect your streets, your community? 

This is not our anger, this is nobodies. This is a mindless attack by mindless thugs. This is what happens when you let criminals do pretty much what they like, where they like, as long as its not in your back yard. 

I am disgusted to be British. I am disappointed that this is the way we had to find out how much our Prime Minister cares for us all. 

Frankly, you may as well join in with the rioters. By staying away, by not helping or guiding or leading your country, you have let us down.

You will eventually appear on TV, and say that lessons will be learned from this. But the lesson I have learned is that you are a poor leader, a poor choice.

I for one, am appalled, baffled, and disgusted.


  1. I completely agree lovely! Some blame has to lie with the muppets that voted him in as well as all the idiots out on the street!! My brother lives in Streatham and although it hasn't reached them yet Brixton is like a war zone and Clapham and Croydon are currently burning and being looted with apparently NO police in sight.....the cuts to the forces and overtime don't look so clever now Mr. Cameron do they????

  2. Couldnt have said it better myself x

  3. Here Here. Well written, I am sure your words reflect the sentiments of many around you. Such a shame it's got to this point before he decided it was time to put away the suncream.

  4. Hi! Have been following you on twitter and couldn't help having a look at your blog! I'm really impressed at how you took a stand about these riots. My hat's off to you!



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