Thursday, 29 September 2011

The MADS: One Day to Go!

Its finally arrived, the MADs awards are announced tomorrow. I have to say my nails will be pleased seen as I've been biting them since the finalists were announced.

I'm off to London tomorrow at 1.45 travelling by train and meeting up with some of my bestest blogging pals for lunch first (Tapas for fact fans).

I've actually been quite lucky as my train travel is being paid for by First Great Western. What happened was that I phoned them ages ago to cheekily ask for a reduction in return for a blog mention, which resulted in a request to email but a definite- we'll let you have free travel. Thinking that it was all sorted, I waited for my tickets to arrive.

When they didn't after a few weeks, I emailed again. Still no freebie tickets.

Not impressed.

So, finally I popped to the station on Monday and bought my tickets. Only to find out I'd been overcharged for them both. Which made me even more miffed as to be offered free tickets, then have to pay and get overcharged really was a bit of a joke.

I tweeted as such, and straight away got an email. So, cheques in the post for my tickets. Power of Twitter once again!

I also have to give a mention to Katie at Best British Bloggers, who has organised a lovely trench mac from Ellos for me to wear over my dress for the awards. Ellos is a great new website that is definitely worth checking out as there are loads of really key wardrobes staples for all budgets.

I am very excited to be going and don't actually care if I win or not! I am up against some of my fave bloggers, so its a tough category, and just to be in the final is fine enough for me.

I will be tweeting (phone permitting) and will update via Facebook during the day so keep up with what's going on that way and through the Mads hash tag on Twitter.

If you're going to be there- see you tomorrow x


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