Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dear So and So- The Late Late Edition

Yeah so me being rubbish at keeping up with posts and such, here's my late edition of Dear So and So. So expect my Silent Sunday to be posted a week on Tuesday.

Dear Mini

Mummy was very proud of you at your carol concert. You behaved yourself (a wondrous event in itself these days, you have become rather the lippy early pre-teen of late), sang beautifully and got all the moves down to a tee. I very nearly blubbed. 

Please can you now quit with the repetitive singing sessions love. Whilst I love hearing you sing, shouting the shouty bits of certain songs at 8am will not be welcomed.

Love Mummy x

Dear Littlest

Yes, I agree- it sucks that you're ill again. It wasn't good timing, and I know you missed out on all the last week frolics at Nursery. However, Mummy hopes that keeping you indoors out of the bad weather will mean come Christmas Day, you wont be so ill that you can't open your presents. 
See, son, there is method to your Mother's madness.

Love Mummy x

Dear Virgin Media

Well, another day another rubbish customer service received. When Elder missed Mini's first ever carol concert waiting in for you, that was bad enough. Not being able to fit our phoneline (sorted out or so we thought so when we need to make important Littlest related calls to doctors we wont have to worry about credit on mobiles) on the day was bad. To then go completely silent on when this phoneline (which no doubt we are still being charged for) is inexcusable. Your Twitter and Facebook people are useless, and I am damned if I am going to ring a premium rate number when other customers have a free number when their phone is set up. 

Yours about to tell you to stick your service up your TiVo and naff off to Sky

Dear Elder

I didn't buy you a record last year. I bought you Joop! 

So there
Love me

Dear Christmas

So bored (and not to mention poor) now.

Please hurry up and get here, I have my meal planned, and the recipes sorted and cannot wait to cook it all.
Lazy Girl will have some new recipes soon.


Dear Readers

Happy Christmas people- and thanks again for sticking with me for another year. Much appreciated guys.

Have a large gin and tonic for me x


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