Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Do Something Yummy 3: Half Term High Jinks

Half term is here again- I swear the kids these days get far more holiday time than we ever did- and in the weather we're having, it can be hard to find something to keep the kids amused.

For this weeks Do Something Yummy prompt, we've been asked to report back on what we're up to this week, and how we cope with the kids on holiday.

Even though it's only Tuesday, The Bratlings are bored already, so I already have some activities lined up for them.

Today, we've made Rice Krispie cakes. These are pretty simple to do- although I melted the chocolate well and truly before letting them in the kitchen. The Bratling's had fun working the chocolate into the krispies with a spoon each. My little secret is a spoon of melted Chocolate spread and a small amount of drinking chocolate- not enough to soak the mixture, but enough to make it wetter and easier to stir in for little hands.

It may be messy, but both of them could join in, there's no danger of burnt fingers, and even better, they get to eat them later. It's cheap too- I got the paper cases from my local 99p shop (for 350), the chocolate cost 79p, and the Krispies were already in the cupboard. 

You can buy lots of ready made mixture cakes from most supermarkets, which takes the fuss out of cooking with younger children. Tomorrow, Mini is going to help make Lasagne, and then on Friday, she's off to the cinema with her Dad (first time ever, they're off to see The Muppets), so Littlest and I will make some choc chip fairy cakes together.

I always have colouring pencils and paper too.

Just leave to set in the fridge for a few hours and they are set and ready. It really pleased them both that they could join in together, and for once, they didn't argue!

Next up, I asked The Bratlings to answer questions posed on the Typecast blog. I picked the questions that I thought would be easier to answer, and sat down for an in depth chat!

So, whatever you are doing this Half Term, remember to Do Something Yummy! Link up is on Thursday over at Typecast, and for more info on Yummy Mummy Week, go to http://www.yummymummy.org.uk/


  1. Love them - aren't they cooperative! I'm hoping mine will come up with some gems later ;)

  2. I shall definately be doing the rice krispie cakes with my girls so thankyou! It's hard to think up things to do everyday! Hannah

  3. aw, i'm not good at skateboarding either!
    what an entertaining pair!

  4. Your kids are just fantastic in this video :) Thanks so much for acting as head mum for #dosomethingyummy


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