Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Everyday I'm Shufflin', Apparently. What's on my Phone Music List?

There has been a meme going around and about recently based on what is on a person's iPod or MP3 player wotsits. Even though I don't own an actual iPod, I do have tunes on my phone (even though it just about kills the battery) - how many of you thought I may be doing this with Elder's vinyl? Not a chance trying to pick out five random records would kill me these days:

Yep, the boxes/bags are records too. Bloody hell, you can see why they invented MP3 really.

So, the first five tunes (in my humble opinion) which play when I press shuffle are:

1 Rizzle Kicks: When I Was a Youngster:

Love love love Rizzle Kicks, love the music, the cheeky lyrics, but most of all I love that they wanted to be signed soooo much, they didn't just sit on their backsides and wait to be found. Oh no, they sent a sound file to Radio One, and begged them to listen to it. Proof that if you want something badly enough you have to go out and grab it for yourself. 
I love the lyrics of this song- we al have these plans when we are kids, but sometimes we forget them and give up too easily.

The Offspring: Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Yep, this was a big "Subsonic" anthem (which will mean nowt to anyone who wasn't in and around Rochester in 1998/1999). What a mad song, but one which makes me grin like a mad thing when it pops up. My little group knew a few of these kind of people, and being the cool things we thought we were, found them all funny. We probably looked as sad as they did!

Example: Hooligans

Bestival, 2010. That's what this reminds me of. Its quite aggressive I suppose, but if you have ever been in a mosh pit or similar, you can relate. Only sounds as good as it can be, when turned up neighbour annoyingly LOUD.

Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil

Come on, you have to join in with the "oh oh" bits of this song, right? Sublime. Love the Stones.

Primal Scream: Come Together

I first heard this song when the film "Human Traffic" came out. I still love the film, and I have gone on to love Primal Scream (I was only 10 when this came out originally so excuse me being late to the party!). Such a great end of the night record. Lovely.

So, how about you then? What's on your MP3?

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