Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mini's Outfit of the Week (The Scruff Edition)

It's Saturday, there's no school today, so here we have Mini's latest offering in the 4 nearly 5 style stakes.

Its a mixed bag today, and slightly delayed due to massive tantrums over what she would and wouldn't be able to do today. I want her to tidy her epic tip of a room, she has other ideas along the lines of making more mess and Mummy doing the tidying on Monday. 

We have, for your stylistic pleasure, today her navy blue and white stripped hoodie, from Next (by way of her cousin growing out of it), along with Mini's favourite pink piggy socks (meant to be worn under wellies). She refused to take her white jammie bottoms off today in protest at us not going to the Kids Club at the cinema this week, so these will be worn all day.

Here, Mini is showing that she also has a top underneath her hoodie, a peach and flowery patterned one, also from the cousin grew out of it pile. N is a whole 4 years older but a mere one dress size ahead of Mini, which works out marvellously for the household budget as Elder's sister loves to shop for clothes and thus Mini ends up with black sacks full of barely or not at all worn clothes. 

God only knows what look Mini will be wearing next week, but she's off to a classmates birthday so watch this space!

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