Friday, 27 April 2012

Dear So and So, Mini, Littlest and Driving Instructors

I haven't joined in with Dear So and So at Kats blog for a while, but felt compelled to today. Here are a few rants and musings from this week.

Dear Mini

When I ask you what you did at school that day, and you tell me "nothing" in that bored voice before asking if I have any sweets about my person, I expect you mean it was a mundane day. 
I do not expect to hear a day later via the newsletter that an Olympic  Hottie sportsman has visited, or there was a Bee Keeper and bees on display in the hall, or like yesterday there were flipping owls in the hall flying over everyone's head for "educational" non Hogwarts reasons. 
"Nothing?" How are these "nothing?"

And please, be good at N's party tomorrow. Social whirl being 5 girlie.
Love Mum

Dear Littlest

Being indoors with damp weather related asthma is not good cause to bite my sofa, my cushions, or worse still, me and your sister.

Especially when your sister is not at all happy with you after you fed the gerbils face paints and they both, within days, died. Mini has cried everyday for Dora.

 Behave you cretin.

Love you too

PS- No its not impressing me that you figured your bedroom door gate out. Neither is getting in bed with your cold feet at 6am.

Dear Driving Instructor (or De-structor as we now call you)

Cheers for naffing up Elder's driving test. Thanks so much for not telling him you could quite easily use your licence number to get him a much earlier driving test, so you could rip us off every week for two months. Thanks for stressing him out by turning up 15 minutes late before his test. And thanks for not telling him anything of importance regarding his test, thus ensuring that despite charging us well over £200 since February, he had not a hope in hell of passing. How you dared charge him £75 on top for the day of his test (thats for one hour by the way) is indicative of how much of a money grabber you are. May you lose your licence.

Lady still having to walk the kids to school in the rain and with a miserable other half

Dear Beanshoots

You taste yummy, but if I eat many more of you, I may end up turning into a bean shoot.
I miss chips.

Her on a pre-Britmums Diet

Dear Wii Fit

Please don't mock me too hard when I dust you off this evening

Dear readers

Hey you guys, you still rock right. I am nominated in them there Brilliance in Blogging awards, for Lazy Girl Cooks, and for this little slice of the web at Sainsburys. I would like an iPad, even more so than when I was nominated in some other rubbish last year. The laptop is getting old. Its on Vista. There are needs people in my home. Anyway, while you're at it, I've opened up The Lazy Girl's Guide to Looking Good, where you will find no size zero skinny minnies, no stupidly expensive articles, no hot pants, and lots of budget buys. So feel free to come say h there too.

You know I love you
OK yeah think I've watched too much Gossip Girl this week.


  1. Owls flying in the school hall? I want to go to Mini's school! That sounds amazing!

    1. Yep, apparently it was to teach them about animals in the wild!


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