Friday 18 May 2012

Get A Mothers Ramblings to Britmums Live!

Britmums has a little competition going, what with five weeks until two days off from the Bratlings for a crazy weekend in London  of learning new blogging skills and meeting lots of my fellow blogging rockstars, to win one of three tickets to Britmums Live (not Cybermummy. Must stop calling it Cybermummy. Apart from to Elder who has no idea what its called anyway).

Well me being, erm, not shy of asking for stuff, I have a sponsor for my ticket, and usually I get as many of my chums and anyone else who asks me a sponsor as I can manage.

However, this year it has been decidedly difficult to do that, what with double dip recessions, redundancies and everyone, brands included, being a skint. Which means Pippa D, better known as A Mothers Ramblings, and Vic, who is Glowstars can't come. Which sucks!

Pippa and me in the ill advised Maxi dress at The Gurgles, after Cybermummy 10. 
The thing is, rightly or wrongly, I have a big circle of chums who have been in attendance at not just the two Cybermummys, but also the London Zoo meet up too. That's how long we've been bothering the Internet.  So, whilst some complained about some of us being cliquey last year, its not that, not at all. 

Its just we've all known each other for ages, don't see each other as often as we'd like, and despite full moon moments in blogging (and worse), babies, husbands, divorces, house moves and blog layouts, we've survived and we get on really well.

Glowstars, Cybermummy 11. Who can forget the shoe challenge?
So, basically, I am not entering the competition to win me a ticket (that would be daft, I have one, there have been many suggestions I have split personality but not to the point I believe I need two tickets), no. I am entering to win Pippa a ticket.

And, if I can be cheeky and win two of them, I'd like Vic to come too.

It wont be the same without them, cackling in the corner with a cuppa, sending inappropriate tweets, and generally behaving a bit naughty like school girls.

Better yet, if you are a brand who wants to get the gang back together for another conference, I am happy to offer free ad space for one whole year right at this very blog in return for the price of Vic and Pips tickets. I'm sure they'll offer the same. 

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