Saturday, 23 June 2012

The "I've Been to Britmums Live and Got Inspired" Post

Like lots of other bloggers, I have spent the last two days at Britmums Live, and obviously there will be lots of posts of "this is what I did" or "this is who I met" or "look at the brilliant amount of swag I picked up".

So, I don't kind of want to add mine to the list and be boring, I'm going to share some thoughts I wrote down on the train home. Inspired by the amazing people I've met, the stories I've heard, and, especially the last seminar I attended, which, for those who weren't there, was called "Sod the Stats, Blog for Happiness".

It's kind of a poem, which I haven't written one of in about ten years, so amazing that it's inspired my poetry once more. Thank you.

Here goes:

This is me,
I am learning that I am only human, and part of that means
Not being superwoman.

I like really bad pop songs
(and dancing like a loon)
I'm not good at drinking.
I'm a bit of a geek (but aren't we all?).

I don't get SEO, Keywords, 
or the "Magic Formula"
And after six years I guess I never will.
But I'm cool enough not to let it make me quit

I am loved unconditionally
And I love unconditionally back

I'm a Mum,
But more than a Mummy.
I rock inappropriate words at inappropriate times
I sometimes say the wrong thing
Yet I'm fine with knowing when to say I was wrong
And meaning it.

I'm learning to accept that not everyone is going to like who I am,
But I'm brave enough to shrug and move on
And work on the people that I respect.

I dance to Single Ladies like Beyonce
When I think (hope) no one is watching.
I sing in the shower, and to my children
I love doing that.

I love to write,
To speak out via print or ink
To help others through the bad times
And laugh with them through the good.

I am part of something amazing
Something growing
I am a pioneer of the digital age
We all are.

This is me
Everything to some,
Not much to others
But me.

And I'm comfy with that.


  1. Love it! I got so much out of that seminar, it was the highlight for me x

    1. Yes me too, I loved the "throwing it out the audience" style- we all have our own take on blogging and what works for some wont work for others. So its great to hear others experiences and grow our own little patch by trying new ideas

  2. Brill idea :) I went to the group on making money which I instantly regretted and wished I'd gone to the happiness one instead. We all need to remember the reason why we do this - life is short lets enjoy it!!

    1. Oh it was very good, I have to admit I went becuase the lovely Kate and Ellen were running it and I love them both! But was pleased I hadn't just gone to the hub for coffee (and had to hand out tissues too!)
      I think it was filmed though so you can watch it x

  3. Lovely sentiments, well expressed. Great to see you again Claire and glad the vent inspired some poetry!

  4. I really like that! I didn't go to Britmums Live (and a bit jealous of you all to say the least...) but that seminar sounds great. It is so easy to get caught up in pushing your blog that you can forget about connecting with people, being heard and also listening. Wise words!

  5. I've heard such good things about that session - everyone's come out of it buzzing! Glad you got something so positive out of it.

  6. Sounds like the perfect blog and life balance to me!

  7. Great to meet you too - thanks for coming over and saying 'hi'. Love the poem - keep bustin' them moves.


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