Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mini: Not Such a Fitting Nickname Anymore

Mini, as you know, is now 5, and to be fair I was always told that starting school has a big effect on a child and their life.

I wasn't quite expecting her to change quite so drastically though. Until a few months back, she was still quite happy to watch pre-school TV on CBeebies, listen to nursery rhyme albums at bedtime, and generally was just the same old Mini. 

The changes have been subtle but rapid. She has lost those baby features of her face, the chubby cheeks have gone and she looks staggeringly grown up- her height helps and she is often mistaken for two or three years older than her age on a weekend. She is super skinny, mainly down to her being unwell for four days after Britmums Live, so we are feeding her up again, but you'd think she has hollow legs as, no matter how many rich dishes I shovel in, she has hip bones teens would kill for. Her hair has gone from just one colour to having streaks of gold and brown that a hair dresser would be proud of achieving.

Its not just the physical either. She is less likely to throw tantrums, but she is a big softy. I had to ban her from watching The Voice in the end because, when the chairs didn't turn for a singer, she got very upset on their behalf. She cried at Toy Story as well. I now find myself checking the content of programmes just in case! ET, for example, has been deemed a total non starter.

She has started throwing in words like "actually,""fabulous" and "gorgeous" when she talks, 95% of these are appropriately used and its comical when she does use them- she told her brother he looked "gorgeous and super cute" when he came down from getting dressed at the weekend. 

Then there is her love of different music. She loves Jessie J (although the album was downloaded we had to remove certain songs. I didn't really fancy her singing Do It Like a Dude). She has suddenly developed an appreciation of Justin Bieber (a cross I feel  I have to bear after insulting my parent's ears with years of Take That) and has a poster of him next to her bed now. Which I have caught her saying goodnight to.

She's not so nervous now, and fiercely gaining independence from us both. She went to a friend's party on Saturday and usually wants me to stay. This time, she told me to leave and come back later. She's also been helping when the Nursery children pop into her class to see what it's like there for September when they move up a year. Her teacher, who once found her a bit noisy and babyish when upset now says she's one of the most naturally caring children she's ever met, always ready to dish out hugs whenever needed.

Sometimes, when she turns round, I hardly recognise my little girl as this child she is now. She is such a pretty thing and her face is changing as the baby features leave.

Along with the baby features, my little Mini is not so Miniature anymore. But its lovely to watch the changes.

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