Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Is It Just Me: Who Thinks the Catholic Church Needs to Butt Out?

I need to write this post, if you're reading and you're a blogger you'll know what I mean when I say it's been knocking about in my drafts folder and I just had to tidy it and hit post. If you're not a blogger, this may be a contentious issue. 

It's not "anti" religion, or anti Catholic followers- Elder's lot are Catholic, and so are mine, so no, I am all for something which means something to someone on a personal level. I wouldn't class myself as religious (apart from when I put my bank card in after paying rent and pray there will be cash in the account), but if it works then that's great.

What I do find laughable is the Catholic Big Wigs, the guys who run the show, count the collections and pass out the communion wafers. Those guys take the pee.

 I'm referring, of course, to Sunday, when Catholic Priests in Scotland read out a pre-prepared speech to their flock, denouncing the idea of Homosexual marriage. 

I understand, totally, the concept that, according to the Bible Homosexuality was wrong. BUT the Bible also bans shaving, eating Lobster, and associating with women during their, ahem, periods. 

Whether you are Catholic or not, I doubt you pay much heed to those though.

I am for Homosexual unions- the thing is, if someone has been lucky enough to find that elusive, much talked about "one", then who cares if they are a man and woman, a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I'm all for the idea of love in whichever way it manifests itself. 

I also wholeheartedly respect that for whatever reason religious or otherwise, not everyone agrees with me. That's cool. 
However, in the case of Catholic Priests, well, frankly I think they have a bloody cheek.

This is a bunch who, not all but quite a few amongst the high ranks from Priests upwards engaged in, or hid that they knew others engaged in, child sex abuse. Which may or may not be in the Bible (I'm not that knowing on it) as a very wrong and unacceptable thing to engage in, but it should be. 

Every few months you hear of another Priest, either still preaching or retired, being arrested over this most despicable of act. You then find out that rather than being the only person in authority who knew, that the trial goes far wider and many in authority within the church knew too, and did nothing. 

What right, then, do these Priests have to comment on Homosexuality- an act that is between two consenting adults which is completely within the laws of the land? 

Here's a thought for Catholic Priests everywhere- get your own house (of God) in order first before commenting on the sexual fancies of others?

What do you think? Should the Catholic Church keep schtum, or do you agree with them?

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