Monday, 15 October 2012

Nativity Play Nightmares Part 1

Its getting rather chilly of late, meaning that the winter term is nearing. In a few weeks there is half term, and then the days will get shorter, the cold will set in for the next few months, and everyone will be looking towards the events that Christmas brings to the school.

Last year, this just meant that Mini went to the local indie theatre to watch a play with the rest of the school. This year, being in Year 1 means carol singing at the local church, joining in with the extra special treats (which start this week with a trip to the cinema). 

And the Year 1 Nativity play.

Such ladylike qualities...
Those who have read this blog regularly will know that Mini is, how shall I put this without her being mightily peeved when she reads this later on in life, a bit of a diva. Second only to perhaps Mariah Carey or Cher Lloyd in, ahem, "star quality" confidence. 

Hell, who am I kidding, I am pantsing it that Mini will "Bette Midler" it across the stage no matter how small her part. Or how big her part.

Now, I've not read the Nativity in a while (sorry to any religious readers out there), but there are a few parts to it. Considering the school quite rightly tries to involved every child from Year 1, and that's about 40 kids, the parts are thinning out pretty rapidly.

There are, off the top of my head, the 3 Wise Men, Gabriel, some Angels (or that may just have been my school's way of using up children), Mary, Joseph, some Shepherds, and an Inn Keeper. That isn't 40 parts. So I'm assuming that the rest are swept up as sheep, villagers, and the choir to shake a few tambourines.

Mini, having never read the play, already knows enough from last years kids that there is an Angel in it somewhere. That, my friends is what Mini has decided she will be. No one has actually said she will be, and trust me, I have tried to tell her she may not be picked for that, it depends on if she behaves or not, or a number of other factors, but she is adamant.

Which is why the whole idea of the Nativity is bringing me out in a rash. 

I know I won some Parent Points when I made her Jubilee costume, so perhaps they will pick her for a main part because they think I can sew  make a passable costume, but you just never know. It doesn't help she's been a pain in the arse recently, breaking a precious book of her teachers Mum (I got called up the school. Over a book. That they shouldn't have been left with. Not impressed I can tell you). 

How is she only 5?
I am now having visions, if not nightmares, of Mini being picked as a humble sheep, or worse still, a male role, and rather than do what she is meant to be doing, will break into an epic song or dance routine in an effort to build her part. That or she'll refuse to take part at all, and have a hissy fit onstage. Thus, again, building her part.

I know it's mean to think that, perhaps my daughter's confidence will have me hiding behind a coat in the audience, but she does have a habit of exerting her authority a little too much. Even when she did Show and Tell last year, her Teaching assistant said it was hard work to get her to let someone else have a go. 

Its nice to have confidence, but, if she doesn't get the part she wants, she will be so disappointed.

I may have to bring it up at Parent's Evening tomorrow. If nothing else it will change the subject from the broken book scandal....

Ideas below lovely and knowledgeable readers if you please. What are your Nativity play experiences? Did it go well? 

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