Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bloggers United-#HealingForKerry

This morning, I am a proud and humble Blogger.

You see, I do rant a bit here, about our some time howling at the moon incidents. But when it comes down to the crunch, us Bloggers can actually make a massive difference, either with charity, actions or just sending out a mass amount of tweets.

That's what happened last night, with #HealingForKerry. One of our own, one of our talented, gorgeous bloggers is very sick, and we want her home for Christmas, where she belongs. I have followed the updates of her other half, who has gallantly taken over her blog to keep us informed. 

I was choked last night to see that, by just tweeting and retweeting, at just after 10pm #healingforKerry was a top trend on Twitter. And that takes a hell of a ot of tweets to accomplish.

I'm not a massive believer in religion, but its positive vibes which I send in the hope they will have Kerry home, just as everyone does.

So, say what you like about the spats, the in-fighting and the trolls, but when it comes down to it, we care. A lot.

Thank you.


  1. it's so very very true and we trended for 2.75 hours xx

  2. Amazing- massive pats on back to you for organising it all, and massive hugs for everyone who took part. I feel like a proud blogger/Mummy! Its so hard to orgainise Tweet ups, so to get bloggers to do it on a Saturday and drown out the usual X Factor trends, its just epic x

  3. it is epic and I cannot wait till we can tell the lady herself xx

  4. It was amazing! We bloggers rock. x

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