Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Is It Just Me: Who Thinks Radio 1 Should NOT Be Targeting 13-14 Year Olds?

You may or may not have seen this on the Entertainment news sections, but Nick Grimshaw- who took over from Chris Moyles as Breakfast Show host a few short months ago- has refused point blank to play any Robbie Williams songs, including his Number 1 record, Candy.

Now, yes, I am biased here being Robbie's Biggest Fan (Copyright me), but surely the fact that Rob happens to be Number 1 in the UK pop charts, and Radio One is meant to be a pop chart radio show, its a bit of a no brainer not to play Candy at the very least.

It also isn't helped by the fact that Rob was on the Breakfast Show with Chris Moyles just a matter of days before Grimshaw took over. So, why was Rob OK then, but isn't now?

Apparently, Grimmy (as he likes to be known. God knows why as it strikes me as a bit kiddie for a 30 year old man to adopt a school playground nickname) says that Rob doesn't meet the requirements of his and Radio Ones "Target" audience.

Of 13 to 14 year old females.


Now, I'm not one to point fingers, but is not a bad idea for an older male Radio One host to outright say he wants young teenage girls to listen to his show in light of the recent hoo haa over certain other older Radio One hosts of yesteryear and their particular brand of fondness for young teenage girls? 

The guy is 30 for God sake yet he goes on constantly about being mates with Harry from "The Band I cannot name or I may get threatened with being sued again" or Wand Erection" as I like to call them, and how he likes Justin Bieber. He's either a blatant liar (who aged over 16 and/or male likes Bieber?) or he is seriously lacking in musical knowledge?

Radio One, probably petrified about more investigations into its current hosts, has now said that Radio One is aimed at 13-29 year olds of any gender. But I'm one year out of that and I still like Robbie.

Grimshaw, mate of Pixie "Only Famous cos her Dad is Sir Bob "Give me ya Fookin' money" Geldof" and Alexa Chung, has now said he has never even heard a Robbie song.


Not Angels (one of the most played songs of all time, ever). Not Rock DJ, Millennium (clearly NYE 99/2000 passed him by) or Rudebox? 

Sorry but I just do not believe that at all. In fact, what the hell planet has he been on for the last 20 years? According to him, he "liked Take That" the first time around, but he's not a "kid" anymore. Which begs the question of why he loves The Wand Erection and Bieber so much really? Surely these are kiddy artists no, considering my 5 year old likes Bieber (not the other lot. She knows not to dare bring that shite in my house).

It appears that, either I am past it and should be listening to Radio 2 (who happily play Rob), or the big wigs at Radio One need to have a serious re-think regarding their newest signing. 

I'm left wondering whether this is Grimshaw's way of "staking his claim" and increasing his profile- slag off someone who can fill any stadium you like in 2 minutes flat and hey ho, instant fame for someone most people had barely heard of. If that's the case, what a twat he is to pick on someone as universally loved as Robbie.

Bring back Moyles, I say.

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