Saturday, 26 January 2013

Diet Diary: This Week I am Mostly Craving Sweets!

Its that time of the week again where I give you the latest update on my quest to get to my ideal weight and size. Its going well, and I lost another 4lb this week. 

The snow has been a right pain int he bum as I am like Bambi on Ice and tend to hibernate the minute a fleck of snow hits the skyline. Not only that but jogging uphill on ice, when coupled with my dyspraxia are not a good mix. Its not stopped my indoor efforts though. 

I am really enjoying the calming effects of yoga- you can feel the relevant bits and bobs being pulled as they should, but I find it really simple now. From being completely useless at it 3 odd weeks back, I'm finding myself getting more supple by the day, and I can almost-almost- touch my toes when doing the Sun Salutation. I have got Mini interested too- she has been off with an appalling chest infection, but she has liked joining in with a couple of the simpler yoga moves. 

I am now rhythm boxing as well, for 15 minutes a day, which certainly helps my coordination as well as my arms and waist. Even though it was treacherous outside, I can set my wii fit to allow me to jog for 20 minutes, so all in all, not counting times when I run round the house cleaning and putting clothes away, I have been managing an hour at least of dedicated exercise.

I have started taking some vitamin tablets too, although I've not felt any benefits as such as yet. I have had some niggling strains to my upper leg muscles- but then I always think that that's a sign that you have done some good as you must have worked them enough to feel it!

One great discovery was being able to put on, with ease, a pair of jeans which I love but hadn't worn since last June. And even then I had to lie on my bed to get them on, and then put a safety pin on the zip to keep it closed! No such need for effort this time and the first real indication that, yes, this is working and worth it!

I've also started to notice that my face is slimming off a bit, my chin is definitely less rounded now. Elder noticed first and was very pleased to tell me about my wobbly chin having wobbled off! I'm not so keen on the fact that the 7lbs I've currently lost seems to have been lost from my bra size. My tops are a lot baggier in that area as are my bras, which is inevitable but I really will miss them!

Elder has decided to join in too, not with exercise but with giving up smoking. I never, ever, thought he would do it, despite me driving him insane about it for years. However last weekend, I got up to find his cigarettes and lighter in the bin. No moaning at him, he just decided to have a good attempt. He usually smokes about 20 to 30 a day, but, since last weekend, he's had about 2 maximum per day. He's been smoking since his teens so that is an amazing effort and I know that he can do it. I'm so proud of him!

So, the struggling bits.


I really miss my favourite evening coffee and biscuits, but I am not at the stage where I can honestly think I could have one biscuit with a cuppa. More likely I'd demolish the lot. I have alternatives but they do get boring after a while. Any time I have a wobble, I do think about why I am doing this.

I do like that, due to My Fitness Pal, I can still have the odd treat day. It tells me off if I don't have enough of a certain food group or calories. So, when after a particularly busy day Elder brought home a take away fish and chips, I thought, "opps". But actually, as I'd not had lunch and only had a small bowl of Special K (not because I was being silly and starving myself but because I'm in the middle of operation January clear out!) it was fine. I did do a whole hour and a half of exercise to make up for it the next day too!

Thew thing is, I am human, and like anyone else, changing my whole diet and lifestyle is never going to be like on a soap opera or how some adverts would have you believe. I have always been partial to traditional English grub. like stews and casseroles. Its not so much what you eat but how much and how often you eat it. I think that's a much more sensible attitude to have about it.

So, how are you doing? Have you lost any pounds? Feel free to comment.

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