Friday, 1 February 2013

Diet Diary: This Week, I am Mostly Full of Energy!

The time has come for my weekly round up of my fight to rid myself of the flab, and a little continuation of what is in my tie in diary at

As the title suggests, I am utterly full of energy right now. I feel like I've dropped years off from my usually tired self, back to my days of being up all night most nights of the week.

It all started when Mini was born near to 6 years ago, and I took on the sole responsibility to breast feed her on demand. I got used to being asleep when she was, so my whole body clocked got confused and demanded I nod off at daft, baby friendly times. So, whilst most of my mates would be discussing the latest must see programme after the watershed, I'd be clueless as I'd nod off on the couch by 8.30pm without fail. On the few times I managed to ingest enough coffee to keep me awake, I'd wake up with a crippling migraine and be ratty the next day. Which is no fun for anyone.

I've cut right down on the caffeine now, and by pass the local coffee shop when I walk into town too. From having at least 8 cups a day of strong coffee,  now have, at most, three with lots of semi skimmed milk to dilute it.I also stop drinking coffee and stick to water after 8pm now too. I always worried that, should I cut down so much, I would be shattered and headaches would plague me. Its been the exact opposite though.

I have been enjoying walks into town as well. I've been firing up my MP3 on my mobile, whacking in my headphones and trying to walk with a good pace. Its so nice to block the world out and have time to think!

I've been breaking my own records on Yoga and boxing for the wii, and yes, its mad to get a buzz out of the "trainer" on their telling me my balance is great or that I am now a Yoga Master level at the Sun Salutation, but a girl's gotta take a boost where she can!

I'm no longer experiencing cravings for chocolate anymore- there's more to life than sweets after all. Instead, I have been working out what my weekly spend would be and buying a second hand novel to read in the evenings instead. It certainly takes my mind off wanting to pig out.

I have been a little naughty, and now have one day per week where I can have a small take away, but I'm sticking to using one of the children's plates and having fish, where I remove the batter, and a small handful of chips. I exercise the rule whereby if you sigh whilst eating, its your bodies way of telling you that it's full. You have to have some treats in life, and whilst this is an attempt to lose weight, when you have the sense to do the exercise afterwards (I'm now pulling an hour of dedicated exercise 5 out of 7 days), and then you can eat a more flexible range of foods.

I find the hour goes so quick now, and the muscle aches and pains are dying off every time I go for it now, which is a great way of knowing that its working and my body is building up the strength I used to have when I was on the go all the time with sports and dance.

Next Sunday is my 31st Birthday, and we're probably not doing much. I will spend it with the Brats and Elder, and may have a nice glass of wine, and certainly a home cooked meal. I love that changing one ingredient for a healthier alternative makes so much difference to the taste in a good way. I've always used full cream to make curry sauces, but adding a tin of half fat Coconut milk and a dash of fish sauce works just as well (recipe coming up at the Lazy Girl Cooks!).

So, how are you getting on? Feel free to pop over and say hi on My Fitness Pal and let me know whats good and bad in your diet this week.

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  1. Well done, you sound like you are doing really well. It can be easy to get into lots of bad habits when you are at home all day with babies and are sleep deprived. My husband and I are trying the 5:2 fast system at the moment, I am trying to lose a stubborn last stone so hope this will help to shift it.


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